27 May 2019, 06:47

Great great great with Rin and Hiro et. al.
06:47 Monday 27 May 2019 JST

Yesterday I attended my second Tokyo Tribe event, and was invited to do workshops there after half the people in the workshop said they benefitted from things I had said during the workshop.

I plan to work with Rin and Hiro to put together my own workshops, and initially, offer them in conjunction with Tokyo Tribe Jiaii. (I am not sure of the branding they use, nor the branding I will use, but I recently bought the domain wanb.us to do my Urbit Star.

“Let’s be our own best friends. Cause we are all just dogs on a bus.”

Rin said she knows a person who does branding. Strictly speaking, I do too! HI Jimmy!

Hiro showed us his daily journal templates, which were written in Japanese. I whipped up my own version, and plan to post them under robot-pages <– not sure if this URL is correct

後、Rin and Hiro will attend mixed gender group tonight at Christine’s in Nishi Azabu. Good thing they like cats!