16 Aug 2017, 22:49

mt3 playlist MT3 movie so far

22:49 Wednesday 16 August 2017 JST

15 Aug 2017, 11:09

mt3: curiosity

11:09 Tuesday 15 August 2017 JST

Turned on the rotating bearing to test it, and one character nearly came too close.

14 Aug 2017, 23:17

Cropped blue background

23:17 Monday 14 August 2017 JST

This took about an hour to do. Well an hour+ to research before I found Fusion, and then an hour to do it. I’ll just call it 2 hours.

I have spent 1 day 3 hours on MT3 so far.

12 Aug 2017, 03:24

The helicopter has landed

03:24 Saturday 12 August 2017 JST

This 20 second clip took 6 hours to make.

According to the durations listed on the livestreams, I have spent 1 day 1 hour on MT3 so far.

Today’s livestream is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnMk9D6lhgA


Using thread, I suspended a bearing plate from a broom over my
set.  I did not have a good way to adjust the length of the
thread, so I used several layers of thick cloth (socks) on one
side of the broom to allow the plate to descend toward the stage.

Using Dragonframe's increments on a bezier curve, I got the plate
to do some vaguely reasonable side to side motion as it came down.

Special thanks to my friend Kai for providing the toy skeleton to
be my RC bearing plate pilot!

11 Aug 2017, 20:34

mt3 storyboards

20:34 Friday 11 August 2017 JST

I drew these storyboards on the day I got the remote control for DragonFrame.

mt3 storyboard 010 mt3 storyboard 020 mt3 storyboard 030 mt3 storyboard 040 mt3 storyboard 050 mt3 storyboard 060 mt3 storyboard 070 mt3 storyboard 080 mt3 storyboard 090 mt3 storyboard 100 mt3 storyboard 110

11 Aug 2017, 05:12

Wondering how to add a blur effect

05:12 Friday 11 August 2017 JST

While preparing for my next scene, I realize I want to add a blur effect, so I introduced myself on stopmotionanimation.com because

I just came to the most technically difficult part of my movie: flying a helicopter (flat bearing thing) into the scene. I have an idea for how to rig it up with thread to simulate flight, but I want to add an effect of motion blur on the blades of my helicopter (flat bearing thing).

It seems Dragonframe cannot do this, but the effect can be simulated by merging some images in post processing. At 4:38 in this video is a suggestion for how to handle the images in Dragonframe

08 Aug 2017, 11:33

mt3:skeleton arrives

11:33 Tuesday 08 August 2017 JST

This is the first time the skeleton has been seen in a scene of Marble Track 3.

The livestream was 3 hours; it got split in the middle



video time: 68 seconds so far

video making time: 69001 seconds ( 19 hours) so far.

07 Aug 2017, 05:26

mt3: finished making skeleton

05:26 Monday 07 August 2017 JST

Interesting to see the sun start to stream through the window at the end.

Livestream is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_25n-AKfa4E

16 hours so far.

04 Aug 2017, 13:53

mt3 backup solution 2017

13:53 Friday 04 August 2017 JST

I tried getting Cyberduck to talk to Amazon S3, but could not do it as easily as I was able to get it to talk to Dream Objects S3.

Last time I used duplicity, I included GPG in the mix, so the files are encrypted. I apparently did not put the key in a safe place so they are effectively bricked.

This time, no GPG, and I have set the files to be public (but I do not know where / how people can access them). Oh, and I could not get duplicity to work.

Similar to using duplicity to backup MT3

pip install boto-rsync

cd ~/mt3
boto-rsync   --endpoint objects-us-west-1.dream.io . s3://mt3/mt3

08:58 Wednesday 09 August 2017 JST

Backup complete as of a couple days ago.

I assume this will download the files:

mkdir ~/mt3testrestore
cd ~/mt3testrestore
boto-rsync   --endpoint objects-us-west-1.dream.io s3://mt3/mt3 .

Let’s try!

Nice. It works.

01 Aug 2017, 11:52

skeleton escapades

11:52 Tuesday 01 August 2017 JST

Most of the live stream is here


14.5 hours so far.