22 Mar 2019, 03:23

bright moon light
03:23 Friday 22 March 2019 CDT

Full moon tonight and clear sky so at 3am it’s bright enough outside to walk around via moonlight.

Great to meet everyone. Spent good time talking to Dad last night. So glad he came down to see me!

20 Mar 2019, 23:41

almost got this site on netlify
23:41 Wednesday 20 March 2019 PDT

1) cat ~/journal-hugo/.gitmodules 2) log in to Github as thunderrabbit 3) give permission for .gitmodules to https://github.com/robnugendotcom 4) point netlify https://app.netlify.com/sites/infallible-jackson-58f942/link to deploy robnugendotcom journal-hugo 5) done?

20 Mar 2019, 23:27

Hanging out with Michael Monkey
23:27 Wednesday 20 March 2019 PDT

Been sick as a dog for most of it, but I have had a great time hanging out at Michael Monkey’s in Houston. Thanks to Great Granny Good Witch for driving me to the store today to buy clothes and toiletries which should last a good while.

She has a lot lot lotta masks from around the world!

I have made a good start on the puzzle in the dining room, first expanding the table, then adding more white backing, then rotating the inner white backing to reduce waste.

Enjoyed chicken soup, fried chicken, orange gatorade, orange juice, and chocolate.

Got a sense of what it would be like to have US political news on all the time, and am glad I do not have that option in Japan. Brain overload!

20 Mar 2019, 21:37

cyberknights with me and monkey in same room
21:37 Wednesday 20 March 2019 PDT

Good times.

Afterward, tried to scan a hand drawn blueprint through a glass table scanner, but the lighting was too distant to make it work.

18 Mar 2019, 01:22

time zoned
01:22 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

I vaped for the first time.

01:28 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

I think it has been 20 minutes. Let’s see:

01:51 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT


02:00 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

I sometimes think I feel it more if I talk.

02:14 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

Life is Improv

02:22 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

ate a brownie

02:43 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

My dad said I am a responsible person. If anything goes wrong, I am responsible.

03:12 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

Okay finally kicked in after another hit.

03:18 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

Was able to floss my teeth in 4 minutes but it felt like a lot more in some ways. I ate coconut clusters and brownie, and finished eating, and (an hour) later finished flossing, then my teeth are clean, and now about to pee.

03:26 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

Finished peeing and now cannot quite finishes sentences all in one go.

That seemed like 50 years until this timestamp from the previous one.

03:30 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

Oats is flossing his teeth and laughing that I made his name Oats to protect his identity.

03:32 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

Super great to talk with Oats and type at the same time. Time is really going slowly in one direction and in this typing direction, the muscle memory of my typing allows me to keep a good hold on what I know to be the correct direction of time.

03:33 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

This seems like it has been a long time with Oats flossing and keeping track of which tooth he is flossing.

03:34 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

My computer is the size of an imax that is real far away.

While this seems like a long time, it is a short time according to the timestamps.

03:37 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

Oats wife calls this flinging when the bits of food fly from his dental floss. How long has he been flossing?

Why are all these timestamps almost the same?

03:37 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

Why don’t I go lie down?

Billions of years later

06:12 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

18 Mar 2019, 01:10

was sick during BC NWTA
01:10 Monday 18 March 2019 PDT

I felt sad to have to check out for a significant portion of the NWTA this past weekend. So annoying, and certainly not what I had in mind for my trip!

Was great to meet awesome men. I stayed with Steve R in Vancouver the night before the weekend, and am now staying with Dave M in Victoria the night after the weekend. Headed to Houston tomorrow via Calgary.

Hopefully will get to see Marty and M and M twins in Houston!


13 Mar 2019, 23:15

Dark Horse
23:15 Wednesday 13 March 2019 PDT

I attended an I group in Vancouver. After the group, since if the men did a Facebook Live


I think this could be a cool way to promote in Tokyo

13 Mar 2019, 20:57

Delta Flight 166
21:00 Wednesday 13 March 2019 JST
05:00 Wednesday 13 March 2019 PDT

I am on the non-infamous Delta flight 166 from Narita to Seattle on which nothing of consequence happened…. except I got a Bailey’s Irish Cream because it had the word cream in it and I thought I might like it.

It’s good!

I watched Christopher Robin movie which was cute. I considered watching Bohemian Rhapsody again but my first viewing last month or so caused the music to rattle around in my head for weeks afterward, and it is even back now as I write about it.

I started Green Book, but did not finish it because it got going too slowly.

Was going to watch episodes of The Good Place but the only have the first 8 episodes of season 3, and not the (spoiler) last few episodes of season 3. I watched episode 1 of season 30(!!) of the Simpsons. Amazing the same voice actors are doing the characters.

Okay back to sleep for a bit because it is 5am. I think I will stay awake after I wake up, which should be around 7am Seattle time.

13 Mar 2019, 16:50

Headed to Narita with Lin
16:50 Wednesday 13 March 2019 JST

In preparation for this trip, I started my packing list a few weeks ago.

I had planned to copy it here, but for now, just imagine it.

I pre-packed most of the list a couple days ago, getting down to computer, phone, and other stuff I could not pack because I use it daily.

This morning I woke up early, and repacked everything, doublechecking the list, and taking pictures of all of it, in some kind of just in case scenario that will not happen.

The list, in order of packedness this morning.

  • Sleeping Bag
  • sleeping bag bag
  • black down jacket
  • warm hat
  • thin warm hat
  • 1 shorts
  • 4 t-shirts: tie dye, brazil, puma horse, orange MKP australia
  • black shirt: dress tokyo
  • warm inner pants
  • 2 thick socks
  • black shoes
  • 1 pair dotted socks
  • 3 pair black socks
  • black turtleneck
  • blue aquanatica shorts
  • 4 underwear
  • 1 little towel
  • mints
  • chapstick
  • Q tips
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • dental floss
  • men’s multivitamin
  • 1 big towel
  • Francois (blue rabbit)
  • Power of Now (book)
  • old passport
  • passport
  • small notebook
  • Moleskin classic notebook
  • 1 black pants
  • credit card
  • glue stick and notebook for receipts
  • 2 floppy hats
  • keys to Ma’s apartment
  • Bead under computer
  • presents for Ma
  • arrival plans
  • roles for BC
  • Hawaii release form
  • travel docs
  • flight confirmations
  • rain pants Columbia Titanium
  • rain coat Columbia Titanium
  • 2 AA batteries
  • bamboo bowl
  • frisbee
  • bamboo spoon
  • black diamond black gloves
  • neck warmer
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • headlamp Energizer
  • Kit Kats for kT
  • belt for Suzanne
  • fabric samples
  • belt
  • 2 ball point pens
  • Business cards
  • No Batteries in Suitcase
  • water bottle
  • earphones
  • blue dress shirt
  • athelete’s foot medicine
  • keyboard
  • trackball mouse
  • phone
  • phone power supply
  • computer
  • computer power supply

This morning Lin drove me to the old man skin clinic to get a bit of cream for my leg, and then met me at the Narita-bound Limousine Bus stop at Shin Yurigaoka station.

We enjoyed lunch at Ootoya then hopped on the noon bus, which arrived in Narita by 2pm. So sweet of Lin to come with me! We snuggled and laughed in the back of the bus, then wandered around Narita for a bit after I exchanged 10k and 20k yen for 105 CAD and 175 USD, respectively (plus a bit of yen change).

We got soft serve ice cream and then wondered at all the shops in the airport.

Sat down for about 30 minutes for more snuggles and then finally time to say adieu. After going through customs, I called Lin through Line and waved bye to Lin looking down through the glass as I stayed in place, walking up the down-escalator until someone else came. (Almost no one in line at security / customs.)

I got a quick pass for my new passport so I can whiz through immigration in Japan until 2023.

Now I am at the gate, just a few minutes before boarding begins.

06 Mar 2019, 21:33

last lesson with Sweets Party Attendants
21:33 Wednesday 06 March 2019 JST

Today was the last lesson with Sweets Attendants. (Their office is being shut down at the end of this month, but I am leaving next week for three weeks overseas.)

I met Tomoko at CPK at 11am and helped her carry pizza to their office where we had a party, including candy I bought from the conveni ond 3F.

The party was fun, but afterward I unfortunately let myself get sidetracked into dealing with some work related Excel spreadsheet crap, but got it sorted out by moving the spreadsheet into Google Sheets, where I can use the =FILTER() function. Why can’t I use such a function in LibreOffice?

That took an hour out of our 4 hours allotted, but then I got to chat with Midori for a bit about her plans. At the end of our time together, I went to the front desk and received a small white wooden box with four drawers that I plan to use for Marble Track 3 parts. Tomoko had apparently brought it to the office and apparently does not want it anymore.

We stood to say bye to a bunch of guys leaving the conference room right around the time that I also had to go. That had me trapped a bit longer than I wanted, during which time I wanted to reiterate they can ask me for references or whatever they need for job search. After the conference room cleared out, I headed out and Tokyo-waved while walking out the two sets of glass doors.

Gosh I am going to miss the sweets party attendants!