10 Jan 2019, 13:55

work and prep work
13:55 Thursday 10 January 2019 JST

One of the AB cronjobs has been throwing errors, but the job is still running.

I am in the middle of refactoring the code to use Dependency Injection; I don’t know how I broke something, but I cannot really go back to a previous version. Rather, I don’t know what version to go back to, and my local dev environment cannot recreate the error.

Annoyingly, my local dev environment cannot even access Ye Olde Interneffe so I cannot easily revert local files to a previous state anyway.

both frontend and backend use Localizer::getInstance in these
classes. Inject it instead of reference Singleton


I am in the middle of doing \Data\Unit. Perhaps once I finish that, I can push, deploy, and pray.

There are 19 more places to change instantiations of \Data\Unit, including in \Factory\UnitFactory.

I am curious if I misread or misunderstood the MLAPHP book which said we are making small incremental changes. This little change seems to have blown up a bit, due to classes which instantiate \Data\Unit and should eventually have its dependencies injected into them as well.

10 Jan 2019, 08:48

MKP open circles and New Warrior Training Adventure
08:48 Thursday 10 January 2019 JST


Back when I joined Mankind Project in 1997, the New Warrior Training Adventure was the only way to get started in Mankind Project.

Attending the weekend was a life changing experience for me. It was on that weekend that I realized I was a man. It was during that weekend that I began to get over my fear of men.

Over the years, as an organization, Mankind Project has begun encouraging new men to sit in Open Circles (like the one we have in Tokyo) before attending the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA).

I believe the NWTA is still a life changing experience, even after you have been sitting in an open circle. Over the course of the weekend, there is more time to really get into the work than we can in 2 hours.

Anyway, I very rarely do anything like sales pitches in the meetings. I assume you cannot go. I assume you are not interested. I assume all sorts of things that stop me from inviting you.

I hereby invite you to challenge me on Tuesday if I do not bring up the NWTA coming up in Hawaii, March 29th - 31st.

I also hereby invite you to join me in Hawaii for the NWTA, March 29th - 31st. I will be on staff, and look forward to seeing you there.

Is this the time for you? I don’t know. But if you are interested, start here: https://nwta.mkp.org/

09 Jan 2019, 20:42

today workin
20:42 Wednesday 09 January 2019 JST

Today was a long day, starting with recording a first draft of a video for my first GoFundMe campaign, then two TY lessons, two MKP meetings, lunch with Tomoko, then an hour chillin with “a flower in each hand” behind the desk of the Sweets Party Attendants, having a non-lesson with them because they have nothing going on.

During this non-lesson, Tomoko showed me her “personal こたつ” which consisted of a heater under her desk and a blanket strategically arranged to drape down over her legs. I showed them the latest MT3 video clip, cut and glued 7th outer spiral support. M’s comment was (something like) 「思ったより短い」(but she translated it as “not as much progress as I expected”, so I know my adjective is wrong in Japanese). Tomoko said she would work on translating more of the website. I knew I was stretching it to invite her to (create a Github account, learn git and) do pull requests (but I tried anyway,) and when she saw the source code of a page she commented 「難しい!」 so I apologized and thanked her for anything she could do.

Then headed to JB where we practiced “Happy New Year” with kids lessons and played a variant of UNO targeting adjectives, animal names, body parts, and a couple semantic rules:

“I see a red nose; I play a red dog”

Then with the adults in my 8pm class things like “I see a reindeer with brown antlers; I play a tiger standing in front of brown trees” and culminating with Hide’s “I see an elephant standing on yellow sand and wearing a yellow ribbon; I play an elephant standing on yellow sand and wearing a yellow ribbon.”

Then with the adults in my 9pm class all calling in absent, I got to head home early. I am one station from Noborito now when the class would just be finishing.

21:56 Wednesday 09 January 2019 JST

And now I would be just a station or two from Noborito, but Lin and I are home. yay!

06 Jan 2019, 20:25

(story logging) afraid of getting a drivers license
20:25 Sunday 06 January 2019 JST
Write a few sentences about something you did during your ordinary day.

Realized I can get a drivers license

Which one of these simple event of the day had an odd moment? Or
evoked an emotion such as aggravation, frustration, surprise,
miscommunication.  **Name the emotion.**

I realized there was no reason to be a afraid. I wasn’t afraid of riding roller coasters (but some people were). Why should I be afraid of getting a drivers license (as most people are not)?

What were you trying to achieve?  What did you want?

Wanted to get a driver’s license.

What was stopping you from getting what you wanted?  Was the block
internal or external?

Block was internal. People might notice me, or judge me

Why was this important to you?  **Was there a backstory** that would
help us understand why this is so important?


What **lesson** did you learn from all of this?

Shut up and drive

What **change** can we make in our lives from here on?

Stop letting fear drive the proverbial car in life

Write a Haiku or two about it: 

Write a story about it:

05 Jan 2019, 20:27

State of my life address
20:27 Saturday 05 January 2019 JST
  1. I have not been writing in my journal a lot recently..
  2. But I have been writing a lot on https://www.marbletrack3.com/
  3. Been working a lot for AB, JB, TY, IST
  4. For AB, I have been going through http://mlaphp.com. Middle of step 5 now, trying to untangle class dependencies.
  5. Been working on game app with Tariq and recently Dipendra
  6. Very likely to go to US in late March and April for men’s group weekends. Gotta tell Beans this time, once it is set. Still gotta figure out tickets and such
  7. Tokyo Men’s Circle has had an average of 7 men attending each week recently, for past few months.
  8. Lin and I watched Pursuit of Happyness last night. I watched most of it. Funniest comment I saw online: Will Smith played Will Smith in the movie.
  9. Jennie is our cat; she is fine.
  10. I have worn shoes outside once this winter. Been fine so far, down to about 3 degrees C.. One time so far this season it rained and was that cold I wore shoes.

05 Jan 2019, 00:59

various topics
00:59 Saturday 05 January 2019 JST


20:08 Saturday 05 January 2019 JST

今メトロホームウェーイと言う電車で帰ります。切手を買うのため待ってしな がら、販売が終わりちゃった。電車の中にも買えば嬉しいです。

11:06 Wednesday 09 January 2019 JST


お世話になっております。 お客様のお荷物は現在弊社倉庫へ返送されております。 再発送手配を致しますので、 再発送料金の確認をお願い致します。







03 Jan 2019, 22:23


26日まで仕事をして、27日から休みでした。休みの日ビー玉から くり第三弾の生配信しながら、たくさん新しい線路をボンドしました。



まず、子供の時私の母を聞きました。「ね、この自転車は大きいんだけど。サ ンタさんはどうやって家に入れましたか?」

「そうだね、彼はマジックで自転車をちさくになって、家を入れて、また大き くなりますかも。」



それを聞いたと「そうでもないじゃないじゃない?」と思ったんだけど、すぐ 実をわかってになりました。



01 Jan 2019, 01:55

Happy New Year 2019
01:55 Tuesday 01 January 2019 JST

2019 is pretty easy to type because the numbers are right next to each other on both sides of the keyboard.

Lin and I went to her sister’s house for new years celebrations. Went to karaoke and then a Chinese izakaya (fusion?) before going to the local shrine where some guys were burning bamboo in metal drums.

We arrived home about an hour before 2019 and took turns taking showers. (I got to wear Toru’s clean underwear, t-shirt, and dress shirt. Thank goodness because mine smelled like smoke after the restaurant.) All clean, Charu arrived back in the living room at 23:59:48.

Happy New Year! Hugs all around and a kiss for Lin then headed home soon thereafter.

31 Dec 2018, 03:57

working with a designer on Marble Track 3
21:14 Sunday 30 December 2018 JST
Dear Rob,

Glad to see you email. I have gone through the website and there
are a lot of improvement which can be done. Please check one of
our Hugo based website - https://www.nathanaherne.com – If you’ll
see on Home page – we have shown important section of the site
briefly and with pictures. Same I’ll propose for this website
i.e. we can show 3 or 6 Workers with Images, 3-6 Tracks, One Step
with picture.

Also, the concept of the site is totally different and unique – we
need to put few lines to let the visitors understand what the site
is all about. We need to create a good logo as well. Regarding
Support/Donations, we need to create multiple ‘Call to Action’s to
take the visitors to the support page.

Do let me know your thoughts on my initial comments and do let me
know if you are available for a video call on 3rd or 4th Jan? My
Skype id is sanjay.deligence

Thanks & Regards,

Sanjay Kumar | CEO

Deligence Technologies - your growing technology partner
03:57 Monday 31 December 2018 JST

My replies, (poorly formatted here on my site):

HI Sanjay

Thank you for your email.  I am glad you looked at the same
carefully enough to know it is a completely unique project.  I
agree with the changes you have suggested so far.

Here are some more sections of the site I would like to be considered:

There is one more set of pages you should see as well.  https://www.marbletrack3.com/episode/   This page is hidden from normal visitors.  I would like the design of this page to match the rest of the site, but I do not want the page to be linked from the menus.

Episodes are driven with the file at
This file is updated with calls to Youtube API, driven by this
script https://github.com/marbletracks/go-get-video-durations

I am very happy with the way this all works.  I only want to
redesign the /episodes page to match the rest of the site.

Parts / Workers Did you see how these pages are linked between
Workers and Tracks?  For example,
source code includes an array of Workers that worked on the track.
There will be many many more tracks to come, and I eventually need
a way to allow human fans/supporters of the project to suggest
names of parts.

Thanks There will eventually be many more pages available under
https://www.marbletrack3.com/thanks/ There are no pictures of
people here yet, but this section is to thank the people who have
helped me with the track.  The Sweets Party Attendants have helped
me with translations.  Two more people have helped financially,
but I do not have images / permission to show them on the site.  I
would like a page under /thanks/ to be for this general support.

Steps Under "Step by Step" https://www.marbletrack3.com/snippets/
my idea is not nearly finished.  If you click the first Step you
see this page,
https://www.marbletrack3.com/snippets/0010_setting_the_stage/ The
Step is a detailed description of the first video snippet in this

In order to drive this part of the site, I want to create a data
file similar to

I have sketched out a file at


but I have not written a way to parse it nor easily populate it.
There is no way to automatically create this data file, so I need to
have a reliable way to manually add new sections to it.

I would like for each written Step to be linked to the
corresponding second of output video.

This line

0:32 "candy_mama" | Snake Plate Chopstick for now, will create
text on the site for Snake Plate Chopstick and link it to second
32 of the correct video https://youtu.be/2bP7Irt5hHc?t=32

I imagine this is a mini-project of its own, so I do not mind if
we do not work on it.  But I am open to questions, ideas, and
suggestions for it.

In General For this project

I would like all work to be done in the open with Pull Requests on
Github.  I want all changes to work with my current workflow: when
I git push changes to the site, they appear on the live site via
Netlify.  I understand you do not have access to my Netlify
account.  But I hope once I merge a pull request, it will work
that way.  We can start with small changes to make sure it works
in a way that is good for both of us.

- Rob

A few minutes later

HI Sanjay

I have just realized I sent my email before speaking about

You said "we have shown important section of the site briefly and with
pictures."  Instead of pictures, I want to use video clips like the
ones I have at the bottom of my existing
site. https://b.robnugen.com/art/marble_track_3/workers/snippets/quick_look_francois_installs_stage.mp4

The overall idea on Nathan's site is good, but Marble Track 3 site
must focus on the workers and not focus on me as doing the work.  I
will be semi-hidden from the project, only visible on /episodes and
git repository.

thank you

23 Dec 2018, 18:25

IKEA buffet
18:25 Sunday 23 December 2018 JST


買い物の後、2Fにブフェーに食べに行きました。それで英語を勉強のみかり んと英語喋りました。