31 Oct 2018, 21:37

21:37 Wednesday 31 October 2018 JST

Hanging out with Michael Shell in Midtown and found the egg.

2018 oct 20 midtown

Hanging out with Lin at home and found this cat.

2018 oct 25 jennie in sun

31 Oct 2018, 09:16

Hanayama Marble at Wednesday morning lesson
09:16 Wednesday 31 October 2018 JST

The lessons I teach on Wednesday morning used to be on Thursday mornings. They were one of the first lessons I taught for JB. Pretty convenient when Lin and I lived near Kawasaki station, but now it takes over an hour to go each way for an hour lesson.

Once I win the lottery, this will be one of the first lessons I release because I have to leave the house by 5:45 to get a seat on the train on the way there (or leave by 6:15 and stand for 40 minutes total on (two) trains).

Two years ago, Mayumi gave me Hanayama Marble. After playing with it for weeks, I nearly solved it, but in a fit of frustration gave up and looked up the answer online. Upon seeing the solution, I thought “ahhhh crap of course!!!” It is such an elegant solution and I was nearly there.

Four weeks ago, in this class, we started playing a pattern matching word game. For fun, I started with the same word one of the students had started with.

  • Haneda Airport
  • LA International Airport
  • Mt Fuji
  • Kobe Airport

I thought they would be able to solve it quickly, but this went on for four weeks until I finally had to pull the plug because one of the students expression was like fuck this. I ended up giving them the answer and the same student was like “ahhhh crap of course!!!”

So in honor of that, today I brought my Hanayama Marble puzzle and left it with one of the students to play with.

30 Oct 2018, 17:47

headed to integration group
17:47 Tuesday 30 October 2018 JST

Headed to Tuesday night men’s circle. Train is nice and warm and I want to fall asleep.


Great meeting with 8 men in attendance!

30 Oct 2018, 17:37

worked on AB
17:37 Tuesday 30 October 2018 JST

Still going through MLAPHP for the AB project. I guess I am about halfway through the step of naming all the class definition files so they can be loaded via the autoloader.

During this process I found Mabl which features a short domain name and some tools for automated testing. Pretty easy onboarding, and they are giving the site a good onceover every day.

Eventually need to create a staging system with fake data so they can give the backend a daily look as well.

30 Oct 2018, 17:35

training ty
17:35 Tuesday 30 October 2018 JST

Helped with training at TY’s today. Onboarding new instructors is a learning process in itself.

29 Oct 2018, 17:37

no mixed gender meeting

(written 17:37 Tuesday 30 October 2018 JST)

No mixed gender meeting last night nor the week before.

25 Oct 2018, 13:50

marui construction
13:50 Thursday 25 October 2018 JST

Also from Oct 24th, pics of the formerly-lighted steps in Marui in Kawasaki.

2018 oct 24 marui steps

25 Oct 2018, 13:48

nuza building construction
13:48 Thursday 25 October 2018 JST

Next to Muza they are making a new building. I don’t know its name, so I am calling it Nuza, based on “new” and “Muza”

Here are pics

Oct 17th:

2018 oct 17 nuza 2018 oct 17 nuzaaa

Oct 24th:

2018 oct 24 nuza 2018 oct 24 nuza lines 2018 oct 24 nuzaa length 2018 oct 24 nuzaaa 2018 oct 24 nuzaaa length

22 Oct 2018, 21:29

Scuttlebutt reminds me of BBS days
21:29 Monday 22 October 2018 JST

This description of scuttlebutt reminds me of BBS days. I think I will dip a toe into this.


00:13 Tuesday 23 October 2018 JST

3 hours later…. was dragged under by the current and oh man I gotta go to bed!

22 Oct 2018, 20:17

20:17 Monday 22 October 2018 JST

飯田橋駅でShraddhanさんと遊びと会いました。ローソンで彼が作った57と 言うゲームをやって見ました。

2018 oct 22 rob shraddhan and sneaky look

それで、お金で遊ぶゲームもやって見ました。お金で遊ぶと安心でリラックスす るとお金のエネルギーは新しいプロジェクトのため集まります。

2018 oct 22 cccc 72 for 6