15 Sep 2017, 08:34

Arriving in Shin Osaka soon

08:34 Friday 15 September 2017 JST

Been a good ride; I got an app uploaded (despite lots of grumbling), and tried to calm Lin after she got a notification about missle launched over Hokkaido.

In Machida I saw train cars on Yokohama line with doors open on the wrong side.

train with doors open on wrong side 15 sep 2017

15 Sep 2017, 08:30

another NK missile whizzes over Hokkaido

08:30 Friday 15 September 2017 JST



J: top Reddit post .. what do people say in Toyko when this happens?

me: “Yay we are on Reddit!”

J: glad nothing happened and ya’ll are safe though, for real.. just wondering what people say there to each other when close calls like this happen

me: tbh, some people got notifications via cellphone.. but I don’t hear people talking about it. Just like when an earthquake happens… well it wasn’t The Big One, so life goes on as normal.

J: geez

J: seems scary looking in from outside

me: I am helpless to do anything about it, so I choose not to worry about it . I mean we have food rations at home and water stocked up, but there isn’t much else to be done about it.

15 Sep 2017, 07:18

iOS app versioning

07:18 Friday 15 September 2017 JST

Ugh. I previously uploaded version 2.2.1 of an iOS app. This time I uploaded 2.2.3 and the reply was “Oh you already uploaded version 2.2.3”

Fine ffs so I boosted the version to 2.2.4 and uploaded it.

Now they say the version number must be higher than 2.21.

I never uploaded 2.21!!111 I uploaded 2.2.1. WTF kinda checks are they doing? This is sofa king annoying.

15 Sep 2017, 06:51

working on (shinkansen)

06:51 Friday 15 September 2017 JST

On the shinkansen from Shin Yokohama to Shin Osaka. First stop is Nagoya (I think), 72(?) minutes away.

14 Sep 2017, 22:52

Packing for Osaka

22:52 Thursday 14 September 2017 JST

Will be heading to Osaka tomorrow at 5am. Gonna hang out with Simon for two days. Boating, skating, and maybe recording a podcast. My skates are way too big to fit in my backpack, so I am taking a suitcase to hold them and my helmet. I never ended up getting wrist guards so I will skate gently and not fall down.

I will take my computer and get some iOS programming done on the train. Oh snap I better download the latest XCode.


Oh it is still GM Seed (whatever that means), but I will download it anyway, just in case.

Good grief it is slow to download. And it’s not just me. egad I hate developing for Apple.

XCode download slow 2017-09-14 XCode download slow since 2011


10 hours remain, but I leave in 5.5 hours so I killed the download.

Erica is right, and I will wait for the final .dmg

14 Sep 2017, 16:04

mt3 wrong direction

16:04 Thursday 14 September 2017 JST

I livestreamed for just about an hour today, and added a gag related to the direction of motion. Standing on opposite sides of the circle, the direction of rotation was miscommunicated between two characters.

Here is a link to MT3 snippets playlist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNuuGVUCgQ livestream for today.

I have spent 54+ hours on MT3 so far.

14 Sep 2017, 13:52

ab work

13:52 Thursday 14 September 2017 JST

AB said something changed suddenly. git blame says in changed in April 2014. AB conceded but asked that I change it back to the way it was.

14 Sep 2017, 08:21

tos for transferwise

08:21 Thursday 14 September 2017 JST

The following are the Terms of Service for Transferwise.

There are a few weird translations I noticed:

  • “transfer unnecessary” instead of “forwarding prohibited”
  • “electromagnetic” instead of “electronic”

Users cannot use the service if their “inheritance has commenced.” What does that mean?

Terms of Use / 利用規約

Declaration of not applicable to "Payment restrictions on trade" and "Purpose of Use of Funds"

Please note TransferWise will run check to make sure our customer is not applicable with "Payment restrictions on trade" and "Purpose of Use of Funds". By accepting and proceeding to next step customer is confirming that related remittance(s) is not an outgoing remittance subject to economic sanctions such as asset freeze.

Dated: March 1, 2017

These Terms of Use are intended to set forth matters in relation to the use of the overseas remittance services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") provided by TransferWise Japan. K.K (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). Customers remitting money using the Services (hereinafter referred to as the "Remitters") and customers receiving such remittances (hereinafter referred to as the "Payees". The Remitters and the Payees are hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Users") are asked to carefully read these Terms of Use when registering to use the Services and agree to all provisions set forth herein before using the Services. The Company recommends that the Users print out a copy of these Terms of Use to retain as a reference. The Users not agreeing to these Terms of Use may not use the Services.

Article 1 (The Company and its Affiliate)

  1. The Company is a Funds Transfer Services Provider registered with the Prime Minister under the Payment Services Act (Act No. 59 of June 24, 2009; hereinafter referred to as "the Payment Services Act") (registration no: Kanto Local Finance Bureau no. 00040).
  2. TransferWise Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TW", registered in England and Wales (company number 07209813) with its registered office at The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ), which provides the Services jointly with the Company, is a payment services provider registered as a money services business by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and under the supervision of the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and therefore TW is not a bank.
  3. The main business of TW is money transfer and provision of services for making foreign currency payments internationally. The main trading address of TW is 6th Floor, The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ, England.

Article 2 (Handling of Personal Information)

  1. The Company will handle the personal information of The Users in accordance with its "basic policy on the safety management of personal data" and "user information handling regulations".
  2. The Company shall take the necessary technical measures to protect the personal information of the Users and endeavor to retain personal information in strict confidence. The Company will store the passwords of the Users in encrypted form, and protect the personal information transferred between the Company website and the Users' browsers using SSL encryption. The Users shall confirm the server certificate of the Company in their browser when sending personal information to the Company.
  3. The Company shall not provide the information of Users, including, but not limited to, User account information, addresses and e-mail addresses, to any third party except when required to do so by law.
  4. The Company shall use personal information collected from the Users for the following purposes
    1. To confirm the identity of the Users during the registration process.
    2. To provide the Services, including the processing of remittances from the Remitters to the Payees
    3. To provide it to the said third parties in operational processing set forth in the provison of section 3 of this Article
    4. To analyze and confirm it for the purpose of preventing transfer of the criminal proceeds, or to submit or report it to public institutions such as regulatory agencies for the aforementioned purpose
    5. To reply and respond to enquiries from the Users
    6. To explain the content of the Services to the Users
    7. To do analysis aimed at improving the Services
    8. To create backup data
    9. To caution or warn the Users who have engaged in acts that have violated or may violate these Terms of Use
    10. To do its internal management and audit
    11. To explain new Services offered by the Company and its affiliate
    12. do its other business incidental to the preceding items
  5. The Users may request the Company to disclose their own personal information retained by the Company. The Users wishing to be notified of the purpose of use of personal information, or requesting the disclosure of, correction to, addition to, deletion of, suspension of use of, erasure of, or suspension of provision to third parties of, their personal information are requested to contact the Company's Service Consultation Desk.
  6. Please refer to the following webpage for more information on the Company's privacy policy https://transferwise.com/privacy-policy

Article 3 (Transaction History)

With respect to transactions in which remittance requests were made, the Remitters may access their past transaction history by logging into the Company website and clicking the "Account" tab.

Article 4 (Prohibition of Duplicate Accounts)

The Company may reject the registration of multiple accounts by a single User for reasons relating to operational efficiency and user identification. The Company shall be entitled to close or merge multiple accounts created by a single User without prior notification to said User.

Article 5 (Eligibility)

  1. Use of the Services by persons under 18 years of age is prohibited. Accounts registered by the Users who have misrepresented their age shall be invalid.
  2. The Users who have registered to use the Services as an individual may not allow a third party to use the Services from their personal account. In addition, the Users are strictly prohibited to utilize the Services on behalf of a third party.

Article 6 (Identity Verification)

  1. The Company will perform the identity verification prescribed in the Payment Services Act and other relevant laws and regulations upon the Users' registration for the Services from the perspective of preventing money laundering and the like. The Users shall submit the identity verification documents prescribed by the Company in the manner prescribed by the Company at this time. The Users shall provide true, accurate and up-to-date information to the Company.
  2. The Company shall be entitled to access information from various public and private databases in order to verify a User's identity in the preceding section.
  3. The Company shall be entitled to refuse User registration and remittance requests at its discretion taking into consideration the information referred to in the two preceding sections and any other additional information.

Article 7 (Contents of the Services)

  1. The Company will execute an overseas remittance for the amount specified by the Remitter to the Payee nominated by the Remitter based on the remittance request submitted by the Remitter and in accordance with these Terms of Use. A remittance service agreement shall be established between the Company and the Remitter upon the Remitter's submission of a remittance request on the Company's website and the Company's receipt of the remittance amount and the transaction fees set forth in Article 11 from the Remitter.
  2. Even in the event the Company has outsourced operations involved in the performance of the Services to third parties under Article 13, the remittance service agreement set forth in the preceding paragraph shall remain effect between the Company and the Remitter and shall not affect the rights and obligations of the Company and the Remitter.

Article 8 (How to Use the Services)

  1. The Remitter shall specify the remittance amount or the amount receivable and submit a remittance request to the Company by one of the following methods
    1. Designation of amount receivable: The Remitter will specify the amount receivable in the local currency of the Payee, and the remittance amount in the local currency of the Remitter will be calculated based on such amount receivable.
    2. Designation of remittance amount: The Remitter will specify the remittance amount in the local currency of the Remitter, and the amount receivable in the local currency of the Payee will be calculated based on such remittance amount.
  2. The Company will use its own set exchange rate when calculating the remittance amount or the amount receivable. The Company will take reasonable measures when setting its exchange rate to be synchronized with the mid-market rate on the global currency markets. However, the exchange rate set by the Company is based on various sources of information and the Company does not guarantee it will be synchronized with the mid-market rate at a specific point of time. The Company assumes no liability for any reduction to the amount receivable as a result of fluctuations in the currency exchange market.
  3. The Company does not take any margin or spread on the exchange rate from the perspective of clarifying the transaction fees, hence there are no buy and sell rates. The exchange rates offered to the Remitter and Payee are identical. The Remitter shall be entitled to set the minimum exchange rate to be used in the currency conversion; this allows the Remitter to manage against the risk of unexpected exchange rate fluctuations. A remittance request submitted by a Remitter will be converted based on the exchange rate(s) offered by the single trading partner or multiple trading partners selected by the Company at that time. In such case, the effective exchange rate ultimately applied to the remittance will be calculated from the weighted average of the exchange rates offered by all these trading partners of the Company.
  4. After submitting a remittance request, the Remitter shall transfer the remittance amount and transaction fees to the bank account designated by the Company. In the case of the method referred to in item (1) in section 1, the remittance amount shall be calculated from the minimum exchange rate set by the Remitter. The Company shall subsequently refund any difference between this remittance amount calculated from the minimum exchange rate set by the Remitter and the actual amount remitted to the payment option selected by the Remitter.
  5. The upper transaction limit for payments utilizing the Services is 1,000,000 yen (not including transaction fees) or the foreign currency equivalent thereof. The maximum amount to be received by the Payee in local currency varies in accordance with the exchange rate applied at the time of remittance processing by the Company. There is no lower limit.
  6. Remittances shall be processed by the Company after verification of the Remitter's identity under the preceding Article and the transfer of the necessary remittance amount and transaction fees by the Remitter under section 4. The amount transferred by the Remitter to the Company will be refunded to the payment option selected by the Remitter in the event the remittance request has been cancelled by the Remitter or refused by the Company. The Company may refuse a remittance request if the Remitter's registered name or address, etc. does not match the Remitter's payment details (e.g. bank account details). In this case, the Remitter shall pay a predetermined additional administration charge, and the Company may deduct such charge from the amount deposited by the Remitter

Article 9 (Use of the Services by Registered Users))

  1. The Remitters using the Services for the first time will be required to register for the Services if remitting an amount in excess of 100,000 yen. Said user registration procedures will be completed upon verification of the Remitter's identity through the Remitter's submission of the identity verification documents detailed in paragraph 1 of Article 6 to the Company and the sending of transfer unnecessary registered mail to the address or location of the Remitter, etc. Registered users will not be required to submit identity verification documents each time they subsequently make a remittance.
  2. The Users registering for the Services will specify a user ID and password. The Users shall strictly manage their user ID and password on their own responsibility to ensure their user ID and password are not known to any third party. The Company assumes no liability for any damage suffered by Users as a result of a third party coming to know the User's user ID and password.
  3. The term of the agreement for the Users registering for the Services shall be three (3) years. The agreement shall automatically be renewed for a further three (3) years provided the Users have not requested cancellation of the agreement during its term, and the same shall apply thereafter.
  4. The Users will not be charged any cancellation fee, etc. in the event they have requested cancellation of the agreement during its term.
  5. Registered Users can check remittance details, etc. on their user transaction confirmation page.
Article 9-2 (Use of the Services by Unregistered Users)
  1. The Remitters who are not registered Users may remit amounts of 100,000 yen or less without the need to complete user registration procedures. However, it should be noted that verification of the Remitter's identity through the identity verification documents detailed in paragraph 1 of Article 6 is still required in this case.
  2. Unregistered Users wishing to check remittance details, etc. may do so online using the query ID issued by the Company.

Article 10 (User Obligations)

  1. The Remitters are responsible for ensuring that the information provided at the time of submitting a remittance request is accurate. Transactions cannot be cancelled once a remittance request has been executed by the Company. The Company assumes no liability in any way for any loss suffered by the Users as a result of transactions executed in accordance with the instructions of the Remitter.
  2. The Users noticing any abnormality when sending or receiving a remittance utilizing the Services shall be obliged to inform the Company immediately via the following e-mail address japansupport@transferwise.com. The Users who have received a payment over and above what they were expecting must immediately notify the Company so that arrangements can be made to immediately return any overpayment.
  3. The Users shall not use the Services for unlawful activity. The Company reserves the right to investigate any suspicious activity or unlawful activity of the Users in response to any complaints or reported violations. If, as a result of its investigation, the Company determines that there have been unlawful activity or suspected unlawful activity, the Company shall be entitled to provide information related to remittances, including personal information, to regulatory agencies and other individuals or organizations as necessary.

Article 11 (Transaction Fees, etc.)

  1. The Company will charge a transaction fee ranging from one (1) yen to ten percent ( 10%) of the remittance amount on each remittance transaction made utilizing the Services. The actual transaction fee will be displayed on the screen when a remittance request is made.
  2. The Remitters shall be obliged to pay additional administration charges required for refund in any of the following circumstances. The Company may deduct these additional administration charges from the amount deposited by the Remitter:
    1. When the banks or clearing providers used to provide the Services have refused the remittance transaction due to incorrect information provided by the Users, their regulatory requirements or any other valid reason;
    2. When the Payee's account is invalid and remittance is not possible; or
    3. In the case set forth in section 6 of Article 8.
  3. In the event the contents of the remittance have been changed following the establishment of a remittance service agreement pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 7, the Remitter shall be obligated to pay the additional fees required for such change up to 1,200 yen. The Company may deduct the additional fees from the amount of money to be transferred by the Remitter.

Article 12 (Standard Performance Period)

The standard performance period up until receipt of the money in the Payee's account may vary depending on the country in which the Payee's bank account is located. The detailed performance period will be displayed on the screen when a remittance request is made.

Article 13 (Outsourcing)

The Company may outsource operations involved in the performance of the Services to third parties as it deems necessary.

Article 14 (Communication between the Users and the Company)

Circumstances may arise that necessitate the exchange of information in writing between the Company and the Users. For this reason, The Users shall, upon agreeing to these Terms of Use, agree to the exchange of information with the Company by electromagnetic means by the way of either e-mail or notification on the Company's website.

Article 15 (Disclaimer)

  1. The Company assumes no liability for any loss suffered by the Users as a result of its inability to execute remittance transactions or delayed remittances as a consequence of disruption and delays of Internet communications, force majeure such as disasters, trouble and war, etc., legal restrictions, measures implemented by the government and public institutions such as courts and any other circumstances not attributable to the Company.
  2. The Company shall be entitled to suspend or interrupt provision of the Services without prior notice if it deems so necessary in order to carry out system maintenance or as a result of faults in communications lines, means of communication and computers, etc. The Company assumes no liability for any loss suffered by the Users as a result of its suspension or interruption of the provision of the Services.
  3. The Company assumes no liability for any loss suffered by the Users based on its refusal to provide the Services pursuant to the provisions set forth in Article 18.

Article 16 (Issuance of Receipts)

  1. In the event that the Remitters submit a remittance request and a remittance service agreement is established under the provisions of Article 7, the Company will issue a receipt to the Remitter detailing the contents of the remittance request and the remittance amount, etc.
  2. The receipt referred to in the preceding section shall be provided to the Remitter by electromagnetic means (email, Company website).

Article 17 (Prevention of Confusion with Foreign Exchange Transactions Performed by Banks, etc.)

The Users shall use the Services with an understanding of the following contents:
  1. The Services differ from foreign exchange transactions performed by banks, etc.;
  2. The Services do not constitute the acceptance of deposits, savings or fixed time deposits by the Company;
  3. The Services are not subject to the payment of insurance prescribed in Article 53 of the Deposit Insurance Act or Article 55 of the Agricultural and Fishery Cooperation Savings Insurance Act;
  4. The Company is taking measures to protect the full amount of funds remitted by the Users based on the Payment Services Act through the deposit of a performance bond with the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau
  5. A system of security deposits for providing funds transfer services is established under the Payment Services Act to protect the Users, and the Users can receive refunds under this system should the applicable circumstances arise
  6. In principal, the Users entitled to receive a refund pursuant to the provisions of the preceding item shall be the Remitters. However, the right to receive said refund will be transferred from the Remitters to the Payees at the point when the Payees access the Company's system and accept the remittance from the Remitter.

Article 18 (Contact Address Responding to Complaints and Requests for Consultation from the Users)

Address: 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004 Japan
TEL: 03-6871-9482
E-mail: japansupport@transferwise.com
Business hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (Monday to Friday. Closed on weekends and public holidays)

Article 19 (Elimination of Anti-Social Forces)

  1. The Remitters represent that neither they themselves nor the Payees designated by the Users correspond to any of the items set forth below at present as well as affirm that neither they themselves nor the Payees designated by User will correspond to any of the items set forth below in the future:
    1. An organized crime group;
    2. A member of an organized crime group;
    3. A quasi member of an organized crime group;
    4. A company related to an organized crime group;
    5. Corporate racketeer (Sokaiya in Japanese), etc., groups or individuals who disguise themselves as/claim to be social movements or political activities, and special intellectual violence groups; or
    6. Another party equivalent to the preceding items.
  2. The Users covenant that they will not engage in the following acts either themselves or by employing a third party:
    1. Making violent demands;
    2. Making unreasonable demands beyond the scope of legal responsibility
    3. Employing threatening words and actions or resorting to violence in connection with transactions;
    4. Damaging the credit of the Company by circulating rumors or utilizing fraudulent means or power, or interfering with the business of the Company; or
    5. Any other acts equivalent to the above.

Article 20 (Measures for the Handling of Complaints and Resolution of Disputes)

The Company has established measures for the handling of complaints and resolution of disputes under the Payment Services Act. The Users are asked to direct any complaints and disputes concerning the Company's funds transfer business to the external agencies below
  1. Complaints
    Japan Payment Services Association "Customer Services Office" TEL: 03-6272-9255
  2. Disputes
    Tokyo Bar Association Dispute Resolution Center TEL: 03-3581-0031
    Arbitration Center of the Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association TEL: 03-3595-8588
    Arbitration Center of the Daini Tokyo Bar Association TEL: 03-3581-2249

Article 21 (Refusal of Services Provision)

The Company may, without prior notice, refuse to provide the Services to the Users if it determines that the Users correspond to any of the following items:
  1. The Users who have engaged in acts in violation of laws and these Terms of Use;
  2. The Users who correspond to any of the items enumerated in section 1 of Article 19, who have engaged in any of the acts enumerated in section 2 of the same Article, or who are discovered to have made false representations and affirmations based on the provisions of section 1 of the same Article;
  3. The Users in relation to whom the Company has exercised its rights set forth in the provisions of section 3 of Article 6;
  4. The Users whose registered name or address, etc. do not match the Remitter's details taken from the Remitter;
  5. The Users whose remittance request violate the provisions of laws and regulations;
  6. The Users who are using or may use the Services for acts in violation of the law or contrary to public order and morality;
  7. The Users whose whereabouts are unknown;
  8. The Users whose inheritance has commenced;
  9. Any other Users for which the Company deems there to be reasonable grounds for refusal of the Services.

Article 22 (Change to or Abolition of these Terms of Use)

  1. The Company may, at its discretion, change the contents of or abolish these Terms of Use and the Services as a consequence of changes in economic conditions or any other reasonable circumstances. The Company may also suspend use of the Services in whole or in part to facilitate the said change or abolition.
  2. The Company assumes no liability for any loss arising from any change to the contents or abolition of these Terms of Use and the Services or suspension of the provision of the Services in the preceding section.
  3. The Company will notify the Users of any change to the contents or abolition of these Terms of Use and the Services on its website.

Article 23 (Prohibition of Assignment or Pledge, etc.)

The Users may not assign, loan, pledge or otherwise establish any right of a third party on the position of the Users under these Terms of Use or any and all other rights pertaining to the Services.

Article 24 (Finality)

These Terms of Use or expressly cited provisions constitute the contents of the agreement between the Company and the Users in its entirety and take precedence over any prior written or oral agreement between the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof.

Article 25 (Governing Language)

This agreement has been prepared in Japanese language, and the Japanese language version thereof shall prevail and be binding even though an English language translation has also been prepared for reference purposes only.

Article 26 (Governing Law and Court of Competent Jurisdiction)

These Terms of Use and the Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear any litigation arising between the Company and the Users at the first instance.

[Service Consultation Desk]
Address 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-4405-9606

当社は外為法に基づく経済制裁措置の確実な実施のため、お客様の取引に際し「貿易に関する支払い規制」及び「資金使途規制」に該当しない事の確認をさせていただきます。 輸入代金送金を行う際には、資産凍結等経済制裁対象の仕向送金ではないことを確認する必要があります。本文のご説明を読了いただいたうえで、お手続きをお進みいただくことで制裁対象への仕向送金でないことの申告並びに確認とさせていただきます。


本規約は、トランスファーワイズ・ジャパン株式会社 (以下「当社」という。 )が提供する海外送金サービス (以下「本サービス」という。 )に関する取扱いについて定めるものです。本サービスを利用して送金依頼をされるお客様 (以下、「送金依頼人」という。 )および送金を受領されるお客様 (以下、「送金受取人」という。「送金依頼人」と「送金受取人」をあわせて「利用者」という。 )は、本サービスを登録する際に本規約を良くお読みいただき、本規約の条件の全てにご同意いただいた上で、本サービスをご利用ください。当社は、利用者に対し、本規約のコピーを取り、お手元に保管されることを推奨します。 本規約に同意いただけない場合には、本サービスを利用することはできません。

第1条 (当社及び関連会社について)

  1. 当社は、資金決済に関する法律 (平成二十一年六月二十四日法律第五十九号、以下「資金決済法」という。 )に基づき内閣総理大臣の登録を受けた資金移動業者です (登録番号:関東財務局長第00040号 )。
  2. 当社と共同で本サービスを提供するTransferWise Ltd. (以下「TW社」という。登記上の住所:The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ、カンパニーNo. 07209813 )は、決済サービス提供会社 (Payment Service Provider )であり、銀行とは異なります。TW社は、イングランド及びウェールズにおいて歳入関税庁 (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs )によるマネーサービスビジネスの登録を受け、金融行為監督機構 (Financial Conduct Authority )の監督下で送金サービスを提供しています。
  3. TW社の主な取扱業務は、国際送金サービス業務です。 取引上の住所:6th Floor, The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ, England.

第2条 (個人情報の取扱い)

  1. 当社は、当社の個人データの安全管理に係る基本方針および利用者情報取扱規程に従い、利用者の個人情報を取り扱います。
  2. 当社は、利用者の個人情報を保護するため必要な技術的措置を講じ、機密保持に努めるものとします。当社は、利用者のパスワードを暗号化して保存するとともに、当社ウェブサイトと利用者のブラウザ間でやり取りされる個人情報はSSL通信暗号により保護します。利用者は、当社に個人情報を送信する際には、利用者のブラウザ上で当社のサーバ証明書を確認するものとします。
  3. 当社は、法律上やむを得ない場合等を除き、利用者の口座情報、住所、Eメールアドレスその他の利用者情報を第三者に提供しません。
  4. 当社は、利用者から収集した個人情報を以下の目的のために使用するものとします。
    1. 利用者の利用登録過程において、本人確認を行うため。
    2. 送金依頼人から送金受取人への送金処理等、本サービスを提供するため。
    3. 本条第3項ただし書きに定めるオペレーション処理における第三者提供を行うため。
    4. 犯罪による収益の移転防止の目的を達成するための分析・確認を行うためまたは前記目的のために監督官庁等の公的機関に提出・報告するため
    5. 利用者からのお問い合わせ・ご相談に対する回答・返信をするため
    6. 利用者に対し、本サービスの内容をご案内するため。
    7. 本サービスの改善を目的とした分析を行うため。
    8. バックアップデータ作成のため
    9. 本規約に違反する行為又はその恐れのある行為を行った利用者に対して注意又は警告等の対応を行うため
    10. 当社内の内部管理または監査実施のため
    11. 当社又は関係会社の新しいサービスのご案内のため
    12. その他上記目的に付随する業務のため
  5. 利用者は、当社が保管する個人情報の開示要求を行うことができます。個人情報の利用目的の通知、開示、訂正、追加、削除、利用の停止、消去または第三者への提供の停止については、当社のご相談窓口までご連絡下さい。
  6. 当社のプライバシーポリシーに関するより詳しい情報は下記をご参照ください https://transferwise.com/privacy-policy

第3条 (取引履歴)


第4条 (重複利用登録の禁止)


第5条 (利用資格)

  1. 18歳未満の者による本サービスの利用は禁じられています。利用者が、年齢を詐称して利用登録した場合、当該登録は無効となります。
  2. 利用者が個人として本サービスの利用登録を行った場合、当該利用者以外の第三者に本サービスを利用させることはできません。また、利用者は当該利用者以外の第三者のために本サービスを利用することを固く禁じられています。

第6条 (本人確認)

  1. 当社は、マネーロンダリング等の防止の見地から、本サービス利用開始にあたり、資金決済法その他関連法令より定められた利用者の本人確認を行います。その際、利用者は、当社が定める本人確認書類を、当社が定める方法により提出するものとします。その際、利用者は、偽りなく、正確かつ最新の情報を当社に対し提供するものとします。
  2. 当社は、前項の本人確認を行うため、公私各種のデータベースにアクセスし、情報確認を行う権利を有するものとします。
  3. 当社は、前二項に基づく情報他その他の情報を勘案し、その裁量において、利用者の利用登録または送金依頼を拒絶する権利を有するものとします。

第7条 (本サービスの内容)

  1. 当社は、本規約に従って、送金依頼人の送金依頼に基づき、送金依頼人が指定する送金受取人に対し指定する金額の海外送金を行います。送金依頼人が当社ウェブサイト上で送金依頼を行い、当社が送金依頼人から送金金額及び第11条に定める利用手数料を受領したときは、当社と送金依頼人との間で送金委託契約が成立するものとします。
  2. 当社が、第13条に基づき第三者に本サービスの業務を委託した場合であっても、前項に規定する送金委託契約は当社と送金依頼人との間で効力を生じ、両者の権利義務関係には影響を与えないものとします。

第8条 (本サービスの利用方法)

  1. 送金依頼人は、以下のいずれかの方法により送金金額または受取金額を確定させ、当社に送金依頼を行うものとします。
    1. 受取金額指定:送金受取人側の通貨における受取金額を確定させ、これを基に換算し、送金依頼人側の通貨における送金金額を算出する方法
    2. 送金金額指定:送金依頼人側の通貨における送金金額を確定させ、これを基に換算し、送金受取人側の通貨における受取金額を算出する方法
  2. 当社は、送金金額または受取金額を算出するにあたり、当社の定める為替レートを使用します。当社は、為替レートを定めるにあたって、世界的な為替市場における中値 (ミッドレート )と同期するような合理的措置を実施します。しかしながら、当社により定められた為替レートは各種情報源に依拠するものであり、必ずしも、特定のある時点における指標と一致することを保証するものではありません。当社は、為替市場における変化によって発生する受取金額の減少について、いかなる責任も負いません。
  3. 当社では、利用手数料透明化の観点より、外国為替におけるマージン、スプレッド等の中間差益を一切排除します。そのため、本サービス上では、売り・買いという概念がなく、送金依頼人と送金受取人に提示されている為替レートは常に同一となります。為替レートについて、送金依頼人は、換算に利用されるレートの下限設定を行うことができるものとします。これにより、送金依頼人は、想定外の為替変動によるリスクを管理することができます。送金依頼人が実行した送金依頼は、当社がその時点において選択する単独または複数の取引相手との間における、それぞれの為替レートにより換算されます。この場合においては、最終的に当該送金に適用される為替レートは、これらすべての取引相手との間に適用された為替レートの加重平均により算出されます。
  4. 送金依頼人は、送金依頼後、当社の決済銀行口座に送金金額および利用手数料を振り込むものとします。第1項第1号の方法を利用した場合の送金金額は、送金依頼人が設定した下限レートにより換算された送金金額となります。送金金額と実際に送金された金額との間に差額が発生した場合には、当社は、当該差額を送金依頼人の行った送金方法に従い返金するものとします。
  5. 本サービスによる送金可能上限額は1件あたり100万円 (利用手数料は含まれない)またはその同等額とします。受取人側の通貨における送金可能上限額は、当社が送金処理を行う時点の為替レートにより変動します。下限額は存在しません。
  6. 最終的な送金処理は、前条に基づく本人確認が終了し、前項に基づき送金依頼人より必要な金額が振り込まれた場合に実行されるものとします。当該送金依頼が取り消しされまたは当社により拒絶された場合には、振り込まれた金額は、送金依頼人の行った送金方法に従い返金されます。当社は、送金依頼人の登録名義または住所等が送金依頼人の行った送金方法の情報と一致しない場合には、送金依頼を拒絶することができるものとします。この場合、送金依頼人は所定の追加手数料を支払うものとし、当社は当該手数料を、送金依頼人からの振込金額から差し引くことができるものとします。

第9条 (利用者の義務)

  1. 本サービスを初めて利用される送金依頼人が、10万円を超える金額の送金依頼を行う場合には、必ず利用者登録が必要です。第6条第1項の本人確認書類を当社に提出し、送金依頼人の住所又は所在地に転送不要書留郵便が送付される等、本人確認がなされたことをもって、利用者登録が完了します。利用者登録完了後の送金については、都度、本人確認書類を提出する必要はありません。
  2. 利用者登録を行う場合には、利用者ID及びパスワードをご指定いただきます。利用者は、利用者ID及びパスワードを、第三者に知られないよう利用者自身の責任において厳重に管理するものとします。利用者が利用者ID及びパスワードを第三者に知られたことにより生じた損害については、当社は一切責任を負わないものとします。
  3. 利用者登録を行う場合の契約期間は3年間とします。契約の満了日までに、利用者から解約の申し出がない限り契約は3年間自動更新され、以後も同様とします。
  4. 契約期間中、利用者より解約の申し出があった場合においても、解約手数料等の費用は発生いたしません。
  5. 送金依頼後の送金状況の確認は、会員登録を完了した利用者の取引確認ページにて行うことができます。

第9条の2 (利用者登録を行わない場合の本サービスの利用について)

  1. 利用者登録を完了していない送金依頼人が10万円以下の金額の送金依頼を行う場合には、利用者登録を行わずに送金を行うことが可能です。ただし、その場合においても、第6条第1項に定める一定の本人確認手続きがございます。
  2. 送金依頼後の送金状況の確認は、当社の発行する照会IDにより、オンライン上にて行うことができます。

第10条 (利用者の義務)

  1. 送金依頼人は、送金依頼にあたり、正確な情報を提供する義務を負うものとします。一旦、送金依頼が実行された場合、当該取引を取り消すことはできません。送金依頼人の指示に従って送金が実施されたことによって利用者が被る損害については、当社は一切の責任を負いません。
  2. 本サービス利用において、資金の送金時または受取時のいずれかにかかわらず、本来の想定とは異なる事象が発生した場合には、利用者は、下記アドレスに宛てて当社に対し直ちに報告する義務を負うものとします japansupport@transferwise.com。 利用者が、想定したよりも多額の受取金額を受領した場合にも、当該利用者は、当社に対し直ちに通知する義務を負い、当該過払い金額は直ちに返還処理がなされます。
  3. 利用者は、本サービスをいかなる違法行為にも利用しないものとします。当社は、利用者の疑わしい行動、苦情または報告された違反行為について調査する権限を有します。調査の結果、当社が違法行為またはと違法行為と疑わしき行為であると認めた場合、当社は、監督官庁その他必要な個人または団体に対し、個人情報を含む送金関連情報を提供することができるものとします。

第11条 (利用手数料等)

  1. 当社は、実行する各送金取引に対し、本サービスの利用手数料として最低手数料1円以上、上限送金金額の10%をお支払いただきます。実際にお支払いただく利用手数料は、送金依頼時に画面上に表示されます。
  2. 以下のいずれかに当たる場合には、送金依頼人は返金に必要な追加手数料を支払う義務を負うものとします。当社は、当該追加手数料を、送金依頼人からの振込金額より差し引くことができるものとします。
    1. 利用者より提供された情報が不正確であること、規制の必要性またはその他の正当な理由により、本サービス提供の際に利用する銀行や、決済プロバイダが送金取引を拒絶した場合
    2. 送金受取人の口座が無効で送金が不可能な場合
    3. 第8条第6項に定める場合
  3. 第7条第1項の送金委託契約成立後に送金内容の変更を行った場合には、送金依頼人は、1,200円を上限に、変更に必要な追加手数料を支払う義務を負う場合があります。当社は、当該追加手数料を、送金依頼人からの振込金額より差し引くことができるものとします。

第12条 (業務委託)


第13条 (業務委託)


第14条 (利用者と当社との連絡)


第15条 (免責)

  1. 当社は、インターネット通信の途絶・遅延による送金不可若しくは遅延、災害・事変・戦争等の不可抗力、法令による制限または政府若しくは裁判所等の公的機関の措置その他当社以外の責めに帰すべき事由により送金ができなかったときは、そのために利用者に生じた損害について一切の責任を負いません。
  2. 当社は、システムの保守、通信回線若しくは通信手段、コンピュータの障害などによる送金システムの中止または中断の必要があると認めたときは、利用者に事前に通知することなく、本サービスの提供を中止または中断できるものとします。そのために利用者に生じた損害については、当社はいかなる責任も負いません。
  3. 当社は第18条に基づき発生した利用者の損害について、いかなる責任も負いません。

第16条 (受取証書の発行)

  1. 第7条に基づき送金委託契約が成立し、送金依頼人から請求を受けた場合には、当社は、送金依頼の内容と送金金額等を記載した受取証書を送金依頼人に交付します。
  2. 当社は、前項の受取証書について、以下に定める種類および内容により、電磁的方法で送金依頼人に提供するものとします。

第17条 (銀行等が行う為替取引との誤認防止等)

  1. 本サービスは、銀行等が行う為替取引とは異なること。
  2. 本サービスは、当社が預金若しくは貯金または定期積金等を受け入れるものではないこと。
  3. 本サービスは、預金保険法第53条または農水産業協同組合貯金保険法第55条に規定する保険金の支払の対象とはならないこと。
  4. 当社は、東京法務局へ履行保証金を供託することにより、利用者の送金資金の全額について、資金決済法に基づく保全措置を講じていること。
  5. 利用者の保護のため、資金決済法においては履行保証金制度が設けられており、万一の場合にはお客様は同制度によって還付を受けることができること。
  6. 前号の還付を受けることができる利用者は原則として送金依頼人となるが、送金受取人が当社システムにアクセスを行い、当該送金依頼人からの資金の受取りを承諾した時点で、前記の還付を受けることができる権利は送金依頼人から送金受取人に移転すること。

第18条 (利用者からの苦情又は相談に応ずる連絡先)

住所:100-0004 東京都千代田区大手町1-6-1
電話 03-6871-9482
Eメール japansupport@transferwise.com
営業時間 9:00~17:00 (月曜日〜金曜日、土日祭日除く)

第19条 (反社会的勢力の排除)

  1. 送金依頼人は、自らおよび利用者の指定する送金受取人が、現在次の各号のいずれにも該当しないことを表明し、かつ将来にわたっても該当しないことを確約するものとします。
    1. 暴力団
    2. 暴力団員
    3. 暴力団準構成員
    4. 暴力団関係企業
    5. 総会屋等、社会運動等標ぼうゴロまたは特殊知能暴力集団等
    6. その他前各号に準ずる者
  2. 利用者は、自らまたは第三者をして次の各号に該当する行為を行わないことを確約します。
    1. 暴力的な要求行為
    2. 法的な責任を超えた不当な要求行為
    3. 取引に関して、脅迫的な言動をし、または暴力を用いる行為
    4. 風説を流布し、偽計を用いまたは威力を用いて当社の信用を毀損し、または当社の業務を妨害する行為
    5. その他前各号に準ずる行為

第20条 (苦情処理措置および紛争解決措置 )当社は、資金決済法に基づき、以下の苦情処理措置および紛争解決措置を実施しております。当社の行う資金移動業に関する苦情および紛争につきましては、下記の外部機関をご利用いただくことができます。

  1. 苦情処理措置
    社団法人日本資金決済業協会 「お客様相談室」 電話:03-6272-9255
  2. 紛争解決措置
    東京弁護士会紛争解決センター 電話:03-3581-0031
    第一東京弁護士会仲裁センター 電話:03-3595-8588
    第二東京弁護士会仲裁センター 電話:03-3581-2249

第21条 (本サービスの利用拒絶)

  1. 利用者に法令や本規約に違反する行為があったとき
  2. 利用者が第19条第1項各号のいずれかに該当し、若しくは同条第2項各号のいずれかに該当する行為をし、または同条第1項の規定に基づく表明・確約に関して虚偽の申告をしたことが判明したとき
  3. 第6条第3項に規定する権利を行使したとき
  4. 利用者の登録名義または住所等が利用者の行った送金元(銀行口座等)の情報と一致しないとき
  5. 利用者の送金依頼の内容が、法令その他一切の取締法規に違反するとき
  6. 本サービスが法令や公序良俗に反する行為に利用され、またはそのおそれがあるとき
  7. 利用者の所在が不明となったとき
  8. 利用者の相続の開始があったとき
  9. 前各号に掲げるほか、当社が本サービスの利用拒絶を必要とする相当の事由が生じたと判断したとき

第22条 (本規約の変更または廃止等)

  1. 本規約および本サービスの内容は、経済情勢の変化その他合理的理由があるときは、当社の判断により変更または廃止することがあります。また、かかる変更または廃止のために、 本サービスの全部または一部の利用を停止することがあります。
  2. 前項の変更または廃止、あるいは利用の停止により生じた損害については、当社はいかなる責任も負いません。
  3. 本規約または本サービスの内容を変更または廃止したときは、当社ウェブサイト上において告知します。

第23条 (譲渡・質入れ等の禁止)


第24条 (最終性)


第25条 (準拠言語)


第26条 (準拠法および管轄裁判所)


住所 東京都千代田区大手町1-6-1
電話 03-4405-9606
カスタマサービス 03-4589-4624
Eメール japansupport@transferwise.com
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12 Sep 2017, 23:57


23:57 Tuesday 12 September 2017 JST

Just got home via taxi with Lin after eating ice cream with her near our station. I got Ben and Jerry’s cotton candy (which was similar to Baskin Robbin’s Popping Shower), and she got cherry by some other premium brand, the name of which escapes me now.

Lin and I took the same train from Noborito to our station. She had gotten on near Shinjuku, and we did not specifically plan to take the same train, but it worked out that way. I was near the front and she was near the back so we didn’t see each other until we actually got up to the concourse platform of our station.

She had been at work all day and I had just taken the Nambu Line from Kawasaki to Noborito after taking Yamanote and K-T Line with Lisa, after walking with Lisa and Jorge from Nishi Azabu to Shibuya (30 minutes or so) after our eighth 2 hour meeting (of eight).

I made it to the meeting a tiny bit more rushed than normal, but I arrived on time after having visited Paola to receive my second Bach herbal remedies bottle from her. Paola also fed me some rice she had made, plus a pear. I showed her the playlist of latest Marble Track 3 and she subscribed! I now have 3 subscribers yay!

Anyway, that was after I had teached in Nihonbashi, which was after I added several exposures to the third snippet of Marble Track 3 videos. Today I uploaded drilled one hole.

12 Sep 2017, 11:58

mt3 drilled one hole

11:58 Tuesday 12 September 2017 JST

It was a bit challenging to use the screwdriver and drillbit which are pretty heavy compared to the pipe cleaners, but I was able to get the first hole drilled, and I think I have a good system to drill the other holes in just the right places. I have glued the drillbit holder (yellow and green pipe cleaner guy) to the top of the bearing in such a way that he will hold the drillbit in the right spot for each hole simply by rotating the bearing.

The orange and yellow character will get to drive the rotation, and the he might turn the thing on full speed, just for a laugh (but I am not sure if I’ll have him do that).

Livestream is still streaming as I type this, but

I have spent 53+ hours on MT3 so far.