17 Apr 2018, 13:53

mt3: moving chopstick

13:53 Tuesday 17 April 2018 JST

I did only about 56 minutes of MT3 today before I glued a piece and had to pause. The large sized marble has been lifted up onto the track; the little brother has gotten back onto the stage and is fighting the big brother; the manager has just placed a little toothpick rail on the small marble track that meanders down from the ball splitter.

今日56分くらいだけMT3を作られて、ボンドが乾いたの待ちました。I worked on MT3 for just 56 minutes before waiting for glue to dry.

二人が大きいビー玉をステージに上げました。Two characters lifted the big marble onto the stage.

弟はまたステージの上登って、お兄と 健康けんこうします。The little brother is back on the stage to fight the big brother.

Since June 2017, I have spent 7.0+ days on Marble Track 3.

The resulting video snippets, available via https://mt3s.robnugen.com/, total approximately 9 minutes 25 seconds.

16 Apr 2018, 16:41

dream flew on UFO

16:41 Monday 16 April 2018 JST

Had a very interesting dream last night. Most of the following was transcribed in a text message to Christine while walking to the station.

I was out on a field and we saw a spaceship flying above the clouds; it was moving to and fro, and had large glowing green and red lights illuminating large portions of the clouds around it. As it was coming down I was like "that's a UFO" and some people said "don't look at it" as if that might make it go away. I very carefully looked at it and mentally invited them to come down.

It came down through the clouds and had different lights shining in different directions not like spotlights but kind of diffuse lights green and red. It was a round disk that came down but what arrived was only like just seats as if maybe of an amusement park ride. The seats were red and thin, like padding plywood, like a simply a seat and then eat some small handles that look like vertical pads, like seats and pads of a workout machine, but without the machine.

I got into a seat after another girl got into one and she was like "oh this is so cool" and after I sat down on it I had the experience of being lifted up by the seat and for a moment was worried that I would be like required to to fight but that did not happen. I floated up above the field where it had been and did like a backwards loop and then back down and then lift it up.

In my normal flying dreams I don’t do loops like that so that was different.

The spaceship lifted up and we were flying over a terrain of geometric shapes and I addressed someone saying "how may I help you, sir?" and he said "it's not sir," so I asked the question again he reflected the question back to me, all how may he help me, so I said I needed to be back within a few Earth minutes of when we were picked up. He did not seem surprised by that. OR, if possible, help me pack all my stuff before the boat arrives, (because in the previous moment of my dream we were just a couple days left sailing on a cruise ship and was about to be in panic pack mode). We were in a laboratory and I floated around the room a little and he asked me about a contacts case and was like "so what's this?" and I said "oh that refracts light" and tried to describe briefly the human eyes work with a lens and retina and he seemed interested in that, plus how something so thin could could help someone see properly and maybe was looking at something else and then

my alarm went off just a couple minutes after the dream started that was interesting.

15 Apr 2018, 11:30

might try to set up Fossil on Dreamhost

11:30 Sunday 15 April 2018 JST

I found an article about setting up Fossil on Dreamhost, and may try to go through it today.

First, I will set up a new sub-domain and new user on Dreamhost.


Done. I recognize that I am using git on a server for Fossil, but am going to ignore that for now.

Though the previous article compiled from source, it appears Fossil provides Linux binaries now.

Fill in the latest version number for … below

wget https://www.fossil-scm.org/index.html/uv/fossil-linux-x64-.....tar.gz
tar xf fossil-linux-x64-.....tar.gz
mkdir ~/bin
mv fossil ~/bin/

And the I appended bin/ to the PATH by adding this to ~/.bash_profile

export PATH=$PATH:~/bin/


I just read that the author of other article did not put it in PATH, but I like to fool around on command line, so it’s good for me.

Now, to see if I can access it via https as a CGI script

mkdir ~/publicrepos
cd ~/publicrepos/
mkdir repooo
echo world > repooo/hello.txt
fossil init -A rob repooo.fossil

Note password for user rob.

fossil open repooo.fossil
fossil user default rob
fossil add repooo/hello.txt
fossil commit

I set up .htaccess in root of public webserver, /home/USERNAME/domain.com/.htaccess

<Files repos>
  SetHandler cgi-script

I created repos in /home/USERNAME/domain.com/repos: (In the file below, change USERNAME below to the username of your account.)

directory: /home/USERNAME/publicrepos
notfound: /404.html

Oh cool it works!


09:49 Tuesday 17 April 2018 JST

Okay, now I have kinda figured out a system for adding my journal git repo to fossil:

Move to my existing git repo on local machine:

cd ~/journal

Export git into a new Fossil repo

git fast-export --all | fossil import --git journal.fossil

I think this will help me update the fossil repo again by creating files to link the leaves and nodes of the two repos (or something)

fossil export --git --export-marks ../journal.fossil.marks journal.fossil |    \
    git fast-import --export-marks=../journal.git.marks

And now after I git commit I can run this to get the latest into fossil (I think)

git fast-export --import-marks=../journal.git.marks  --export-marks=../journal.git.marks  \
    --all | fossil import --git --incremental --import-marks        \
    ../journal.fossil.marks --export-marks ../journal.fossil.marks journal.fossil

I was then able to scp the journal.fossil file to https://fossil.chatforest.com/repos/, then change the password for thunderrabbit from its default.

Now, how do I add the remote to my local Fossil so I can push changes to it?

fossil sync --ssl-identity ~/.ssh/fossil.chatforest.com ssh://USERNAME@fossil.chatforest.com/path/to/journal.fossil

And set up auto synchronization

fossil set autosync

13 Apr 2018, 22:00

more sentences, written by Fumiko

22:00 Friday 13 April 2018 JST

バランスを崩す バランスをくずす
バランスを崩しちゃった バランスが崩れました



13 Apr 2018, 16:37

technical debt

16:37 Friday 13 April 2018 JST

I gotta figure out how to make the AB project go more smoothly.

  • one: The system was designed to work with Customers logging in to the frontend, and Admin logging into the backend.
  • two: A couple years ago, Admin asked if there is a way for SuperCustomers to log into the front end.
  • three: I had to adjust the way people log into the site to allow them to be either Customers or SuperCustomers
  • four: On the backend, I adjusted the way Inquiries were created because Customers and SuperCustomers will both need Inquiries
  • five: Now I need to adjust the way Sets are created (Redmine ticket 3167) and I thought it would take 2 hours
  • six: Oh crap it is taking way more than 2 hours to do correctly, because it affects how Customers are created, which is new, due to step 3

Fortunately, Nate understands, but it will take a while to do much about it.

13 Apr 2018, 09:24

sentence remix

09:24 Friday 13 April 2018 JST

うちの近くにアパートの建設がまだ続いています。 Apartments are still being built near my house.

今日、そこで見たけど写真を撮らなかった。 Today I looked, but did not take pictures.

猫の写真を反映しましょうか。 Why don’t I post a cat picture?


子猫の写真を反映する事ができるサイトはプレースキッテンと言います。 A site which allows posting kitten pics is called placekitten.

今日ジオキャッシュを探す時間がないので探さない。 I don’t have time to look for geocaches today, so I won’t find any.

しかし、他の人はジオキャッシュの時間があるから見つけられます。 But someone has time, so a geocache will be found.

12 Apr 2018, 09:19

Read Japanese

09:19 Thursday 12 April 2018 JST


11 Apr 2018, 10:58

wow wow fossil is awesome

10:58 Wednesday 11 April 2018 JST

Fossil is awesome, but I am not ready to switch quite yet.

Can I get Fossil to host my journal like I have Hugo doing now? Should I? The point was to have it as a static site, so I guess not, but it seems weird to use something that can host sites just to track the site content and not host the site.

ConSwi is not open source, but it is sufficiently small and not-production that I might try. AB is equally not open source, but definitely not small. Hmmm.

So far, I only know a couple commands in Fossil and they seem longer than equivalent git commands, but I have not read even a, well, I have read a fraction of the Fossil docs, but not a lot.

Goofing around with Fossil, I discovered my commit message project has been going for a bit over a year.

2018 april a year plus

23:13 Wednesday 11 April 2018 JST

Ack I can’t start Fossil on ConSwi right now because I have a bunch of unstaged/uncommitted changes as I do open heart surgery on the project

I need to go to sleep instead of trying to think about how to sort this out right now.

10 Apr 2018, 16:55

mt3: ready to glue u turn

16:55 Tuesday 10 April 2018 JST

At the time I am posting this, I actually already glued and tested the U turn.

Here is the video I streamed during the test:

10 Apr 2018, 15:30

francois with cement

15:30 Tuesday 10 April 2018 JST

うちのと近くに新しいアパートが作られます。 New apartments are being built near our house.

今日、そこで写真を撮りました。 Today, I took pictures there.

2018 april concrete near house

三人はセメントを流し込みました。 Three people poured cement.

2018 april francois near concrete

フランソワの写真を撮りました。 I took a picture of Francois.

フランソワは写真を撮られました。 Francois had his picture taken.

2018 april first geocache

ジオキャッシュが見つかりました。 The geocache was found.

09:46 Wednesday 11 April 2018 JST

私は生徒に違う時間にレッスンに来られた。 My students trickled in to class (interrupting the class each time).

生徒は私に「コラッ」と言われました。 My students got yelled at by me.I yelled at my students.

(私は)六本木で裸足で歩いた時警察官けいさつかん に質問をされてカバンの中をさがされた。While walking barefoot in Roppongi六本木, I was questioned by cops and they looked through my bag.

(私は)公園で鳥にウンコをかけられた。 A bird pooped on meI was pooped on by a bird in the park.

(私は)先生に勉強をすすめられました。My teacher encouraged me to study.I was encouraged to study by my teacher.

先生が私に勉強を勧めました。My teacher encouraged me to study.

私は先生に勉強することを勧められました。 I was encouraged to study by my teacher.

என் ஆசிரியரால் படிப்பதற்காக நான் ஊக்கப்படுத்தியிருந்தேன். <ー  via Google translate

Googleがこれを翻訳ほんやくしました。 Google translated this for me.