04 Apr 2017, 22:28

Met Christine at The Pink Cow

22:28 Tuesday 04 April 2017 JST

Before Tokyo men’s circle tonight, I met Christine to learn a bit more about the training she has done, and to get a NIN poster from when she worked on their tour!!

I stopped by The Pink Cow to say HI and get the best burrito in the world. Went outside to look for Christine and three (3) police officers approached me and asked if they could go through all my stuff. I’m glad I had left my bag inside The Pink Cow! They were like “yeah you are barefoot so we thought it was strange (and decided to use that as an excuse to search you)

01 Apr 2017, 09:17

State of My Life Address

09:17 Saturday 01 April 2017 JST

  1. Lin and I are on our way to meet Tariq who will tell us what questions to ask of the business owner who offered to sell Lin her business for 1000万円
  2. I got a surprise phone call the other day: “Hey Rob can I talk to Lin?” and offered the idea of selling to Lin.
  3. My first reaction is no way because I have no biz skizzles, no interest, and am too busy.
  4. Been working on Ansible playbooks to get servers upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04. Fred helped me with some Bash script to backup historical monthly database snapshots in year-sized bundles.
  5. I recently e-met Mike in Oregon who is the first person I have written who had an answer to how to sponsor a community in MKP.
  6. This past Tuesday, I presented Head Heart and Soul for the second time in Tokyo. Several of the people I invited canceled at the last minute, but mostly thanks to Roh, we had 11 participants, 8 of whom had not seen the event the first time. One of the men in attendance has expressed interest in joining Tokyo men’s circle.
  7. It’s cold today, and rainy. Is it always this cold on April 1st or is the weather trying to fool us? No, it’s just trying to cool us.
  8. I bought 3 styrofoam blocks which I intend to convert into stairs for Jennie to climb down from the balcony without cracking the sunroom roof. They are currently in my room, waiting to be assembled.
  9. Assembly is probably easy, but affixing them to the roof without affecting the roof is the trick. 10.I knocked Noisy off my bedside table last night, and its battery came out. I guess if I tie a string to it so it won’t hit the floor, I can pull it back up without waking up too much, and possibly the battery won’t bounce out. 11.Lin is super happy with her work; she is freelance-ish with what used to be an annoying full time job. she was like “I quit” and they go “okay okay okay you can skip the annoying bits and just do what you like!” 12.I have been learning lots with my work while doing a big project due at the end of April.. 13.plus doing my men’s group; I am leading Tokyo men’s circle, a place to get shit off our proverbial chests 14.And I just went to the dentist today 15.and had a 2 mile flat ground barefoot hike to meet my friend at The Pink Cow!

30 Mar 2017, 07:54


07:54 Thursday 30 March 2017 JST

I kinda wanna put an apostrophe on both sides of Mornin, to replace Good and g, but it seems weird no matter where I put them so bah.

I woke up just before 5am this morning without my alarm oh man my student is here.

29 Mar 2017, 20:11

Emacs macro for new journal entries

20:11 Wednesday 29 March 2017 JST

Since switching my journal to use Hugo, I wrote a little macro to help me start new entries. I type C-c j to create a new journal entry. It prompts me for a title, a tag, year, month, and date, filling in the last three with today’s defaults.

It creates a file, then inserts a YAML block at the top of the file, writes the current date a couple lines below that and I’m ready to type.

There’s one change that I have often wanted, but don’t want enough to spend the time to figure it out. How to let me type multiple tags.

Right now, this entry has YAML like this:

title: Emacs macro for new journal entries
tags: emacs
author: Rob Nugen
date: 2017-03-29T20:11:37+09:00

I tried just comma-separating the tags, but (iirc,) they need to be hyphen-prefixed and newline-separated. I think something like this will work:

title: Emacs macro for new journal entries
  - emacs
  - meta
  - journal
author: Rob Nugen
date: 2017-03-29T20:11:37+09:00

To create this as a user, I’d like to be prompted with Tag: repeatedly until I enter an empty tag.

I am not asking my non-emacs-using reader per se, but just articulating this so I can clarify for someone who can do it easily.

29 Mar 2017, 20:05

entrance for Jennie

20:05 Wednesday 29 March 2017 JST

I just bought three styrofoam blocks for Jennie. She is currently able to leap from our balcony onto the sunroom roof below, then climb down the nearby tree.

She can barely jump back up, and doing so requires her to balance on the edge of the gutter. The dusty slightly sloped plastic sunroom roof does not give her enough grip to leap from it.

So, my plan is to make a set of stairs for her to more easily ascend and more quietly descend.

There’s a slight risk that other cats will be like “hey meow, I can do that,” and try to come inside, but it’s worth the risk. I think there’s a greater risk of Jennie jumping down one day and cracking the plastic roof of the sunroof which would certainly be more expensive to repair than 3500 yen for these blocks.

29 Mar 2017, 10:54

My desk will not attend my funeral

10:54 Wednesday 29 March 2017 JST

Too busy working to read this, but I bet it says I am too busy working https://medium.com/personal-growth/your-desk-will-not-attend-your-funeral-779515a81dd3

28 Mar 2017, 11:18

great head heard and soul last night

11:18 Wednesday 29 March 2017 JST

11 people in attendance, 8 of whom had not seen the presentation before. This was the second time for me to present Head Heart and Soul in Tokyo (or anywhere). I did not look at my notes, and did it all from memory, except the parts I forgot. Gotta practice more before next time.

Great conversation at Zest afterward.

27 Mar 2017, 11:11

presentation lesson

11:11 Monday 27 March 2017 JST

This morning we reviewed last week’s article about Nissan having been selected to provide New York City taxi minivans until 2024. Talked about the benefits of the taxis from the points of view of different people: passengers, drivers, owners. Then we did mock sales presentations, tailored to our imaginary audiences.

26 Mar 2017, 23:45

Japanese notes from a month ago

23:45 Sunday 26 March 2017 JST

Japanese notes from over four weeks ago, but just posting now.


26 Mar 2017, 22:23

thanks Dr Fred!

22:23 Sunday 26 March 2017 JST

Talked with Fred today for 6+ hours working on a backup script. When I tried to run it on all the tables, the resulting .tar.gz file was like 8GB and was hanging the machine when I tried to work with it.

So I split the archive by years and got Fred to help me write a bash script to loop through the years of the data and bundle the tables up into more useably sized archives.

He saved me a ton of time, got the script much more compact than I could have or would have, and made it more secure by getting the keys out of it. (Now they are read from config files.) I ran it on the live server and killed all the disk space for a second, but then cleared it up and it ran okay. 9GB across about 20 different files.

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