16 Feb 2018, 20:40

japanese lesson

20:40 Friday 16 February 2018 JST

文子先生と久しぶりレッスンができました。 It’s been a while, but I had a lesson with Fumiko.

私は日本語上手になって言ってました。 She said my Japanese was improving.

「かけぐるい」と言う実写版じっしゃばん を見てる。 I’ve been watching a live-action show based on anime called Kakegurui.

21:41 Sunday 18 February 2018 JST

裸足歩くと気持ちはウキウキになります。I feel great walking around barefoot.

16 Feb 2018, 10:59

typo close to legalese

10:59 Friday 16 February 2018 JST

I cannot decide if I should care that my accountants apparently cannot spell or cannot hire proofreaders or what. Does it make a difference? Should I complain? Stop using them? Is this just a case of English language changing?

I mean language is a tool to transmit meaning between people and written language is a tool to transmit meaning across time as well. I know what they mean, but could there be a case where it’s not clear? “It is” contains a verb, but “its” contains the idea of possession.

typo on tax accountant site

Anyway, I left them a note and hope they will fix it and give me a discount for reporting it, like a bug bounty program. But until it’s fixed, I will not recommend their service.

14 Feb 2018, 17:58

Great lesson in SSC after lunch

17:58 Wednesday 14 February 2018 JST

Tomoko did well in our lessons in the SSC. She had to give a presentation in English today. Midori does not have to present as soon so she is trying to memorize more, it seems.

Lessons were after we ate lunch together on the 4th floor. I still kinda feel like an outsider there, as if my face and Visitor badge are flashing beacons.

13 Feb 2018, 16:21

work day

16:21 Tuesday 13 February 2018 JST

Worked at IL for ist today, and then with CE for MR, and then talked to Chika at B for JB.

Now going to AB to talk to T and S-san.

Tired, I would rather go home.

Oh, but I got past the tween issue I had with Godot 3


12 Feb 2018, 15:04

aint written in a while (warning blood) NSFL

15:04 Monday 12 February 2018 JST

Been working on MT3 pretty consistently, and started working on AB again now that the new verbal agreement has started.

Recently I found complice (referral link) which seems like a pretty good system for organizing my day and stuff. I have 19 days in my free test period.

Complice has a slight learning curve, but built-in pomodoros plus a magic way that when I open a new tab it reminds me what my latest thing to do is. Complice connects my tasks with my larger goals, and allows me to fill in some of the WHY I am doing different tasks, to help keep me on task.

It is because of complice that I am writing this journal entry now.

Anyway, I stubbed the crap out skin off of my toe yesterday and will wear shoes for a bit.

I wonder how long that image will be available.

Right now I am writing this entry while waiting for the AB server to finish its backup.

Ah wait a minute. Another backup started at the same time. That may be why they are going slowly. I will look at them tomorrow.

12 Feb 2018, 12:03

mt3: calling for help

14:03 Friday 09 February 2018 JST

{< youtube s-KCwA27wjA >}

12:03 Monday 12 February 2018 JST

On Feb 5th and Feb 8th I finished the final 5 seconds of video uploaded as “squiggle squiggle” on Friday, and then three seconds of “squiggle squiggle squiggle” on Saturday(?) and now after filming 2 seconds of video in 60 minutes, he is nearly out from between the plates, and they are nearly in full force looking for him.

I am not calling for help (yet), but the candy cane character in the movie above is asking for help to find the little brother, who, was featured at the end of the second to latest video, “squiggle squiggle squiggle”.

Anyway, I hadn’t posted in a bit, but here are the stats:

Since June 2017, I have spent 6.1+ days on Marble Track 3.

The resulting videos available via https://mt3s.robnugen.com/ are 8 minutes 10 seconds long.

11 Feb 2018, 14:43


14:43 Sunday 11 February 2018 JST

(written 09:43 Wednesday 14 February 2018 JST)


immediately after


after walking a bit


arrived home


haha dripping blood


06 Feb 2018, 21:17

great integration group tonight

21:17 Tuesday 06 February 2018 JST

Five men in attendance tonight despite three regulars being absent. Great to see men look inside to find their inner truth.


06 Feb 2018, 13:52

mt3: still looking for little brother

13:52 Tuesday 06 February 2018 JST

I got a couple seconds of easy filming done today during which I debated for a bit if I should have people get worried about little brother. Ultimately decided yes, and I’m quite happy with the results so far! The guy with green head is now helping big brother look for little brother. Candy Cane has finished coming up the ramp with a load of five popsicle sticks. The very last frame of the film I output today shows little brother barely visible between the stage platters. I haven’t uploaded it to Youtube yet, but I assume I will when I get back home or find free wifi somewhere.

06 Feb 2018, 13:49

headed to BRIDGE

13:49 Tuesday 06 February 2018 JST

This is the fourth to last lesson at BRIDGE. They started off strong, but then started to get busy quite quickly last summer. Two hours of lessons went down to 1 hour which sucked considering it took 3 hours round trip travel. But I kept at it. During December they cancelled January saying they will be too busy. So I had a nice break during January, during which they said the will end at the end of February.