03 Sep 2019, 14:54

Headed to Nathans Dentist

I’m headed to Nathan’s dentist which is now my dentist.

I like this dentist because he didn’t waste time checking my teeth three (3) appointments in a row without doing anything.

First appointment: “I recommend you fix this; wanna do it now?”



He worked on two teeth, and best I can understand, he filled a filling on the left lower third from back tooth, which also suffers from gum disease (receding gum). He also smoothed down a filling on the right, saying it had been placed too thick on the tooth and kind of covered the gum (like a roof, not a wall)

03 Sep 2019, 13:55

mt3 for nearly 3 hours
13:55 Tuesday 03 September 2019 JST

Jimmy messaged me on youtube near the end of my nearly 3 hour livestream. During the livestream I got about 2 seconds of video taken, during which Reversible Guy installed the Caret Splitter Feeder Extension Reflection Protection. They work quite well!

02 Sep 2019, 09:00

First session with Dean

Neat to hear Dean say my questions were all great and could all be explored for a year long course.

The overall answer I got was quite in-line with MKP work: find my true self and bring that forward into the world.

02 Sep 2019, 07:55

fasted yesterday
07:55 Monday 02 September 2019 JST

After having eaten extra ice cream and stuff late at night on the 31st, I fasted yesterday. Pretty easy, though I worked out at SOGO. Usually that would make me woozy if I hadn’t eaten, but yesterday seemed fine.

I have a bit of a headache now, which may be related to fast, or eat, or not enough water, or upcoming (first) session with Dean

01 Sep 2019, 19:39

my Vultr startup script to start urbit

I have not used Vultr this month, but they charged me 2 yen. Maybe because I had this startup script on my account. This script was apparently last edited on June 15, 2019.


# create swapspace

apt update -y
apt upgrade -y
swapon --show
fallocate -l 2G /swapfile
chmod 600 /swapfile
mkswap /swapfile
swapon /swapfile
nano /etc/fstab
swapon --show

touch ~/000_created_swap

apt install emacs -y

touch ~/010_installed_emacs

# Install Urbit
apt install g++ -y
apt install git -y
apt install libcurl4-gnutls-dev -y
apt install libgmp3-dev -y
apt install libncurses5-dev -y
apt install libsigsegv-dev -y
apt install libssl-dev -y
apt install make -y
apt install openssl -y
apt install pkg-config -y
apt install python -y
apt install python3 -y
apt install python3-pip -y
apt install python3-setuptools -y
apt install zlib1g-dev -y
apt install ninja-build -y

touch ~/020_install_python3

pip3 install --upgrade pip
pip3 install meson

touch ~/030_installed_meson

git clone https://github.com/urbit/urbit
cd urbit
ninja -C ./build/ install

# end install urbit

touch ~/040_installed_urbit

# create wanbus user
adduser --disabled-password --shell /bin/bash --gecos "Wan Bus" wanbus

touch ~/050_created_wanbus

# allow wanbus sudo access
usermod -aG sudo wanbus

echo "" >> /etc/sudoers
echo "# allow wanbus passwordless sudo" >> /etc/sudoers
echo "wanbus ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL" >> /etc/sudoers

echo "ssh-rsa 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 thunderrabbit@silver-monkey" >> /home/wanbus/authorized_keys

chown wanbus: /home/wanbus/authorized_keys
chmod 600 /home/wanbus/authorized_keys

echo "#!/bin/sh

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/thunderrabbit/new-DH-user-account.git
cd new-DH-user-account
echo now removing go.sh since its job is done
rm ~/go.sh
echo now log off and see if you can log on as wanbus without password" >> /home/wanbus/go.sh
chmod 755 /home/wanbus/go.sh
chown wanbus: /home/wanbus/go.sh

touch ~/060_created_gosh

echo "#!/bin/sh

python3-pip python3-setuptools zlib1g-dev ninja-build
sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade pip
sudo -H pip3 install meson

git clone https://github.com/urbit/urbit
cd urbit
sudo ninja -C ./build/ install" >>  /home/wanbus/urbit.sh
chmod 755 /home/wanbus/urbit.sh
chown wanbus: /home/wanbus/urbit.sh

touch ~/070_created_urbit.sh

touch ~/999_done_script

Just in case I decide to use them, I can likely use the script with small tweaks to get urbit running again.

01 Sep 2019, 14:17


One rule of journaling is to keep it present.

I haven’t written about Christine’s party not Rin’s workshop, but

I’m headed to SOGO! We are apparently meeting in a new location today. I guess there is some kind of festival covering our normal area. I am super glad I checked, and even more glad Ruri posted the change!

Yesterday at the Tokyo Tribe monthly vision planning workshop, we met in B1 of the building from last month.

Sophie, Rin, Hiro, and I attended, and I jokingly said “remember back in 2019 when it was just 4 of us at the meeting?”

We talked about the viability of larger groups.

Next meeting has been scheduled for a Friday, taking into consideration my Eye Gazing workshop on September 28th! So thankful and like “wow! Is my little workshop really so important?” (tears-welling-emoji)

9:58am just arrived at meijijingumae for SOGO!

12:48 Sunday 01 September 2019 JST

It’s not scorching hot like a couple of weeks ago, but still pretty warm.

Today there were lots of new people, and some people I hadn’t seen for a while.

Met Mon and Sumin, remet Kinue, Lam, and Mayumi. Emi wasn’t there, but Ruri, Hide, and Moise led.

Anuj confirmed he will attend Past Lives workshop, and Alex seemed interested. Yay!

I’m tired, falling asleep on the train.

31 Aug 2019, 18:51


I have often wondered about ways to write journal entries on some small device and incorporate them into my online journal.

I used to use a Handspring Visor, until the foldable keyboard folded for the last time and the Visor perhaps got replaced with a laptop? It had some way to sync, probably USB.

Anyway, I’ve got a handheld screen here with Swype keyboard, and I am writing this as an email to myself which I hope to remember to cut and paste into a full on my local file system and incorporate into my git repository for journal entries.

But that’s not why I’m writing.

I’m headed to Rin’s monthly planning workshop in Omotesando. This will be my second time to attend, and I intend to focus on workshops and, curiously, my website.

I want to continue using my existing git repositories (one for the journal, and one for the site itself (because my journal has lasted longer and should stay intact as much as possible (plus I want to keep up my single word commit messages that tell a story, backwards), as if a repository in a fragile file system supports that) which includes the journal as a sub module), even though “everyone” is like “just use Squarespace!”

Sorry, nope. Not gonna use Squarespace or WordPress or Ghost. I’ll continue to use Hugo, markdown, and my choice of hosting providers. I just need some adjustments to my theme.

Specifically, I’d like to add some testimonials to my about page, find a nice design for my schedule of workshops and perhaps tweak my tags list to show how many entries are tagged with each tag.

Those changes are of the top of my head, but when it comes time to do them, I get caught up in minutae, like how to adjust the left padding on the border of some div. Annoying.

Excitingly, I’d also like to get feedback on how I can approach the detail of being in the US for three weeks in October. Any way to continue workshop momentum? Any need to?

31 Aug 2019, 01:25

Fun time badminton
01:25 Saturday 31 August 2019 JST

Just now home and ready for bed after playing badminton with peeps from Tomoko’s badminton club.

30 Aug 2019, 16:53

Dream: Unstoppable Trains
16:53 Friday 30 August 2019 JST

One train came and slammed through the car on the tracks. Another train came on the adjacent tracks and slammed through the car on those tracks. A third train came through and I knew it must be a dream so I threw the garbage of the KKK uniforms under the train and watched it be carried away relentlessly by the wheels unstopping and then noticed the train was not that long so they could see it was me and I thought good thing it's a dream and then an old black man came by laughing and we laughed our asses off as they train curved its way slowly around the whole valley as I started to make up straight lies "it took them then years to finish those tracks god bless the lives that were lost falling down the valley" and visualized under water the skeleton not there as the lie had been told and just fish who didn't even know what a lie *was* much less that it had been told and didn't affect their lives in any way.

30 Aug 2019, 16:45

16:45 Friday 30 August 2019 JST

Several different things on my day off today. Mostly related to work, where I realized the value of having a staging server with non-live data. “Ohhh that is right; I tested saving data as well..” when AB was like, “Um, where is the Azabujuban record?” which had been renamed to “Doraemon 5e5433a38e2b035689a75c9ed11ffb0e”

Once I fixed all of those (about 8 different records) based on the old live DB which is still available at cli with mysql as root, I watched episode 3 of The Naked Director.

This show is somewhat a comedy, but fills in my imagination of the heady days before the bubble burst here in Japan. I sometimes wonder what it could have been like then, and this gives me a sense that I would not have necessarily been better off for being here then. Interesting to watch, though, and practice listening to Japanese.

I tried to do some more work, but was leaning toward porn after having watched a shows which leans toward porn, so I took a nap.

Woke up and wrote down a dream about unstoppable trains.

20190830 165150 Dream 0000000249

And as I write this, I see the messy image and realize if I ever clean up those images, I hope I either create redirects or think to fix the links here.

Mohamed asked the URL for my journal, which is nice timing because today is the first day for me to use ROBOT pages from August 29th, which include writing a journal entry by default. Again, this directory and file structure leaves a lot to be desired. https://b.robnugen.com/robot/2019/

I want to have OCR determine the dates of the pages and rename the files based on those dates. I have considered posting each page in this journal stream, but I think it would be better to make an RSS feed of them (but it would not get updated with each scan (if it was tied only into this repo of entries)). It should be a different RSS feed, built just for b.robnugen.com