09 Sep 2019, 09:09


(written 19:07 Wednesday 11 September 2019 JST)

We had a typhoon Sunday night / Monday morning. It was fine for us, but a doozy in some parts of our area. People died.

Trains stopped, trapping 13k people in Narita airport.


Leaves blown everywhere.

Two high tenstion power towers collapsed.

And the one that amazes me most for its precision destruction, a net blew down from a golf driving range and sliced roofs of houses.

For me, it was pretty chill. I did not have to go out, so I walked with Lin to the station and had a drink with her while waiting for the train. Everything calmed down in our station and she got on the train no problem… but then in Shinjuku, it took ONE HOUR to change lines from Odakyu Line to Yamanote Line.