01 Sep 2019, 14:17


One rule of journaling is to keep it present.

I haven’t written about Christine’s party not Rin’s workshop, but

I’m headed to SOGO! We are apparently meeting in a new location today. I guess there is some kind of festival covering our normal area. I am super glad I checked, and even more glad Ruri posted the change!

Yesterday at the Tokyo Tribe monthly vision planning workshop, we met in B1 of the building from last month.

Sophie, Rin, Hiro, and I attended, and I jokingly said “remember back in 2019 when it was just 4 of us at the meeting?”

We talked about the viability of larger groups.

Next meeting has been scheduled for a Friday, taking into consideration my Eye Gazing workshop on September 28th! So thankful and like “wow! Is my little workshop really so important?” (tears-welling-emoji)

9:58am just arrived at meijijingumae for SOGO!

12:48 Sunday 01 September 2019 JST

It’s not scorching hot like a couple of weeks ago, but still pretty warm.

Today there were lots of new people, and some people I hadn’t seen for a while.

Met Mon and Sumin, remet Kinue, Lam, and Mayumi. Emi wasn’t there, but Ruri, Hide, and Moise led.

Anuj confirmed he will attend Past Lives workshop, and Alex seemed interested. Yay!

I’m tired, falling asleep on the train.