22 Jul 2019, 14:53


(actually written 14:12 Wednesday 24 July 2019 JST)

After getting a photo with Kanauknot, we headed toward the roller coaster, but were sidetracked by a tiny house that offered free entry.

(It was inside the house that I took off my shoes; they felt so uncomfortably hot!)

Lin and Mikarin were like かわいいいいい at everything as I looked to see where I could explore. I considered using the upright piano to access the loft, but decided not to.

We skipped the coaster because it’s actually super slow, powered not by gravity, but by motorized car tires in the front and rear cars.

Went to ここドコ (or maybe ココドコ) which is a 3D maze with 12 goals where we can get stamps to find the location of the 13th stamp, somewhere in the park. Mikarin and I found 9 stamps of the 12 before we accidentally ended up outside the maze area and in the exit steps. The door locked and the structure surrounding the door did not seem strong enough to let me climb back over to let us back in. Fair enough, and we headed out for more adventures.

Lots of mazey climby type things that would be great to play follow the leader. Mikarin did a pretty good job of keeping up with me.

Through one maze, there were too many spider webs so even I was like “bah; let’s go back.”

From inside the fenced area, we took a picture of Lin sleeping. (I gotta getta license so I can help her drive.)

Then climbed on more stuff than I can enumerate here in a way that will even partly make sense. (I gotta charge my camera more diligently.)

We did the Ferris Wheel after finding the ropes course type thing called ワイヤーsomething was closed for repairs. Apparently guests must wear shoes in there because I saw signs for shoe rental nearby.

We ate lunch and then were kinda headed out of the park before I saw the unicycle guy near some kinda balance beam type straps. He said they were not slackline so we could not bounce on them, but I do not know what else to call them.

I balanced my way around the four short segments and then he was like “but can you do it backwards?” so I walked a bit backwards. I tried a couple different things and I appreciated that he did not try to stop me (though he did point out some dangers (e.g. the angled strap would be slippery)).

We balanced on a large plastic ball and jumped around on it.

Basically I was in heaven, climbing and balancing on things.

At some point, he told me they had a show scheduled for 1pm. Sounds good, so I went to it.

OMG so glad I did!!