18 Jun 2019, 15:29

Great day so far
15:29 Tuesday 18 June 2019 JST

I got 1.5 hours of livestream done on MT3 and about an equal amount of work done on AB. Plus spent time ostensibly studying Japanese by watching Kakegurui in Japanese. (Season 2 now has subtitles in English.)

Anndd had a nice nap.

Rode TJ Bike to the station and am now on my way to 麻布十番 for my third session with Rin.

We are going to work on my first workshop together as well.

Then men’s circle tonight.

17:30 Tuesday 18 June 2019 JST

Things to write

  • emotions are important
  • emotions are guides
  • I am responsible for my own happiness
  • I protect my inner child
  • I have an inner child
  • brand identity is Self
  • relationship (Cathy G)
  • it’s not about you
  • don’t take things personally
  • you are the star of your own life (they are the stars of their own lives)