15 Jun 2019, 18:18

replanted tree today
18:18 Saturday 15 June 2019 JST

Lin and I replanted the sakura tree which we planted (too close to the wall) last week. There was a slight gap in the rain so we took the chance to move the tree.

I was thankful I had done a careful job of packing mud and nutritious leaves for the tree last week. I was able to dig those up and reuse them today. To be honest I was a bit frustrated by the end and just wanted to get it done, and then Lin bumped her head quite hard on the window frame that extends out from the house. (it sounded like a heavy rock falling onto the ground). I wanted her to stop working and go inside, but she wanted to clean up the final bits of mud.

Most interesting about the whole thing was when Azuma-san came by and said we didn’t need to move it; the tree would have been fine 20cm from the wall. He showed us the tree near his wall as evidence. Hmmm. It’s a different kind of tree, but fair enough.