22 Apr 2019, 17:15

posted on HN about Marble Track 3

Ask HN: What is your money-making side project outside programming?

My reply, copied below:

TL;DR: not making money yet, but enjoying stop motion animation of marble track construction.

Back in the day, my brother and I would use Legos to build tracks for marbles, using roof pieces as ramps. Eventually I started making marble tracks out of popsicle sticks. Over a period of some years, I built a track 2+ feet (70cm) tall with lots of tracks intertwining each other all the way down.

After moving and leaving that old track behind, I made Marble Track 2 over an eight-month period in my free time at work.

I posted the finished track on YouTube[1] and comments fell into 2 categories.

Trolls: U suck, it’s garbage, get a gf, etc.

Fans: U rule, it’s amazing, make a tutorial, etc.

Me: “Make a tutorial? about how to make a marble track?? hmmmm that gives me an idea!”

So far, I have about 11 minutes[2] worth of (silent) video of little pipe cleaner characters placing wooden pieces onto a stage. They are answering the question “how do you make a marble track?”

The project has its own website[3], which reinforces the story that the characters are building the track.

(fake spoiler) However, it’s actually me behind the scenes moving the characters to make the movie in which they build the track!

300+ hours of livestream[4] answer the question “how do you make a stop motion movie which answers the question of how to make a marble track?”

The livestreams are long, dull, often quiet, interspersed with a few ramblings that go through my head.

So, back on track (ahem) for this thread, I believe there are people who’d be interested in this project, and eventually we will figure out how it can be monetized. I am just enjoying the creation process and open to possibilities.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlUqu6QE7bw

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KjsYc4Mb5g&list=PL0osPGt21FB48UwuhtCUoi9JndC9YDHAZ

[3] https://www.marbletrack3.com/

[4] https://www.marbletrack3.com/episode/