10 Apr 2019, 23:14

;join ~dopzod/urbit-help ... but still not connected to talk
23:14 Wednesday 10 April 2019 JST

I tried ;join /urbit-talk

I then followed this tweet ;join ~dopzod/urbit-help

But when I type in the talk> field, I do not see my posts anywhere.

Later I saw

[%dead-request [i=//http/0v14.urbt1/36/1 t=~]]

log is below:

$ urbit rabsef-linmyn/
urbit 0.7.3
boot: home is /Users/thunderrabbit/urbit/rabsef-linmyn
loom: mapped 2048MB
boot: protected loom
live: loaded: MB/254.885.888
boot: installed 258 jets
arvo: time: ~2019.4.10..13.36.55..1b86
rest: checkpoint at event 13.574
rest: old 0v14.12dmh, new 0v14.urbt1
boot: loaded passcode from rabsef-linmyn/.urb/<snip>
---------------- playback starting----------------
rest: checkpoint is up-to-date
---------------- playback complete----------------
http: live (insecure, public) on 8080
http: live (insecure, loopback) on 12321
ames: czar zod.urbit.org: ip .
--------------| ;join /urbit-help
~rabsef-linmyn[hall]: failed (re)subscribe to ~binzod on
               attached: stack trace
--------------| ;join ~dopzod/urbit-help
; ~dopzod not responding still trying
--------------| :: onn ~dopzod/urbit-help
--------------| bound '>' {[hos=~dopzod nom=%urbit-help]}
; ~dopzod is ok
; ~dopzod is your neighbor
--------------| ;join ~dopzod/urbit-help
; ~binzod not responding still trying
> (add 2 2)
[%dead-request [i=//http/0v14.urbt1/36/1 t=~]]