19 Dec 2018, 12:01

cafe kips
12:01 Wednesday 19 December 2018 JST

For over a year, I have had gaps in my schedule on Wednesdays between teaching at Solid Square in Kawasaki and teaching at JB in Kawsaki. Usually I bring my computer and work in a cafe, but today is the second time I have worked in an internet cafe, which features my own private space with a padded floor for sleeping, free wifi, free shower, free drinks, and free ice cream.

Granted, it is soft serve ice cream, but it’s nice that I have the option to actually lay down for a snooze.

I had searched for a private workspace a couple times, then Lin suggested a cafe a few weeks ago. nice. こんど we will hang out here together, where the joke is “こんど means never” though is literally “next time”