07 Dec 2018, 22:12

state of my life address
22:12 Friday 07 December 2018 JST
  • Marble Track 3 has its own domain, https://www.marbletrack3.com/ hosted as a static site on Netlify
  • ConSwi is open source under GNU copyleft. Several outstanding issues, the biggest of which are #25 disallow dragged pieces to go through other pieces and #23 Make piece keep up with mouse when dragging
  • I created a Patreon page for MT3 and have my first patron, Jimmy!
  • I recently got the fans and battery replaced on my MacBook, but it still conks out when the battery is at 65%. I let it run all the way down to 0 after charging all the way, and did cmd-shift-p-r on boot.
  • I have not been writing journal entries very consistently recently
  • Working on AB, trying to get the code base for both sites up to snuff with MLAPHP
  • Working on TY, trying to get the new students up to speed
  • Marble Track 3 has six (6) different supports for the outer spiral, and they each have webpages on the website, with shortlinks so I can refer to them easily enough https://www.marbletrack3.com/p/1poss - https://www.marbletrack3.com/p/6poss The /p/ stands for “parts” as in “parts of the track” and Nposs stands for the Nth Placed Outer Spiral Support.
  • C and E have their wedding party soon (this coming Thursday)
  • Lin and I had a date tonight, eating ramen at a local cheap ramen shop. They deal with money by having a vending machine that dispenses colored plastic cards which tell what we ordered. The cards are as thick as poker chips, but round-rectangular
  • Jennie is our cat. She goes in and out through her cat door on the 2nd floor, which leads to the balcony and her little cat stair-bench to the roof, to the tree, to the ground (and back).
  • The Marble Track 3 site is on version 2 now, which focuses on the characters making the site instead of on me making the site. I think it is more interesting this way, but it still needs a tweak before I am like “yep”. The top page isn’t right yet.. Currently shows my inspiration for starting the project, but should show their inspiration (or something), but I do not yet know what that is.
  • Lucifer is in its 3rd season, so I have started watching it on Netflix, so far not bingeing.
  • I plan to binge the hell out of Rick and Morty seasons 3 - 99 when they are available.
  • My primary non-static web provider said my wiki dedicated to Castle of Dreams was using too much memory. I need to convert it to a static site and let people edit it via git. Fack when will I ever make time for that?
  • Been talking to Dora about getting business started. She introduced me to Dan Peña’s site and it’s like damn.
  • Speaking of castles, how is it that we live like royalty did back in the day, but compared to back in the day, we still are like slaves?