20 Sep 2018, 13:41

busy morning
13:41 Thursday 20 September 2018 JST

Slept late until 8 am after getting home late after long day yesterday.

Worked on Marble Track 3, where I have just linked to the main scene the scene which explains the chopstick falling from the heavens.

Great MKP men’s group today; I got to figure out (at least one of the reasons) why I was upset about people not doing what they say they would do. I let out some anger onto my old backpack, turning it inside out in the process.

Headed to work now at SCC for lesson with Liliko and others (not yet sure who), then off to Akihabara for GG lesson with Mayumi and them.

17:55 Thursday 20 September 2018 JST

Hitomi donated her 0.5 hour to Liliko, so 1.5 hour lesson with Liliko and 0.5 hour lesson with Miyako.

Now I am in Akihabara across the street from GG lesson. It’s raining gently, but my rolly bag seems okay.