11 Apr 2018, 10:58

wow wow fossil is awesome

10:58 Wednesday 11 April 2018 JST

Fossil is awesome, but I am not ready to switch quite yet.

Can I get Fossil to host my journal like I have Hugo doing now? Should I? The point was to have it as a static site, so I guess not, but it seems weird to use something that can host sites just to track the site content and not host the site.

ConSwi is not open source, but it is sufficiently small and not-production that I might try. AB is equally not open source, but definitely not small. Hmmm.

So far, I only know a couple commands in Fossil and they seem longer than equivalent git commands, but I have not read even a, well, I have read a fraction of the Fossil docs, but not a lot.

Goofing around with Fossil, I discovered my commit message project has been going for a bit over a year.

2018 april a year plus

23:13 Wednesday 11 April 2018 JST

Ack I can’t start Fossil on ConSwi right now because I have a bunch of unstaged/uncommitted changes as I do open heart surgery on the project

I need to go to sleep instead of trying to think about how to sort this out right now.