03 Dec 2017, 10:02

State of My Life Address

10:02 Sunday 03 December 2017 JST

  1. I am training to work at Ty’s (headed there now)
  2. I have been transferring the CB backend to SB, where it will be streamlined / focused on artists and their events instead of artists and their products.
  3. It has been over a year since I first considered giving up this laptop for one on which I can run Ubuntu.
  4. The only thing I don’t like about this laptop now is the lack of battery.
  5. I meditated standing up this morning and last night. By standing, I was able to remain awake.
  6. I just noticed the funny looking panel (featuring a guy in a yellow suit) on the train has expanded to two panels. I guess it is some kinda campaign.
  7. I have started taking Japanese lessons with Mel who’s a native Japanese speaker who’s been willing to look at my homework between lessons, and whose English is pretty darn good, being that she lives in the US (and apparently tried hard to learn).
  8. I have gotten positive feedback regarding being a good listener.
  9. I have started doing counseling in my free time before teaching in 西麻布(にしあざぶ)
  10. Lin has been out of town for two nights to see Mikako in 新潟. I was planning to go but prep for Ty and sb kept me here.
  11. The owner of Christine’s apartment has offered to replace the carpet with flooring due to some kind of issue they were having with it.
  12. I used an old envelope I had had with an alpaca / llama sticker on it to repay people who helped me the day I left my wallet at home.
  13. I have been guiding my thinking with the underlying trust in the idea “the spirit world is real,” which I have been hearing more and more from people I have (casually) interviewed about their ayajuasca experiences.
  14. I will be taking a course with Soness soon. She will help me clarify my message regarding men’s group work and personal growth work in general.
  15. I just learned the first names of けいこさん and さっちゃん (short for さちこさん), two women who work in a news/snack stand in the middle of a platform. They had asked me last week about being barefoot, and apparently didn’t recognized me this week until they noticed my bare feet.
  16. I just heard a little 4 year old boy refer to himself using 俺(お れ), which I still don’t use because I think my Japanese isn’t good enough.
  17. 日本語を書けますけど、今度これを読めますか?
  18. I am beginning to try reading Japanese paragraphs, but the kanji still gets me. I probably can read 200 or so kanji and write 100 or so kanji.
  19. I want to work on open source projects instead of all closed source stuff. Welll to be more clear, I want to work on more open source projects for which I’m the maintainer. I have contributed to some open source projects, but … Wait. even as I write this, I realize I am misrepresenting the situation. I want to be able to post code / ask questions without having to ask / cleanse the code first.
  20. Marble Track 3 is pretty open source, but it’s hardware, and one of a kind that will be pretty hard to duplicate. I did not put a password on the images, but have not yet figured out how (to explain how) people can download the images.
  21. Marble Track 3 has entered its fifth month of development (not including making the cage/barrier to keep Jennie out). I think I have worked 4.8 days on it, according to the livestreams I have on Youtube.
  22. Just left Noborito. Gonna change trains at the next station. Peace out and see ya later, computer.