11 Oct 2017, 17:42

meeting standby

17:42 Wednesday 11 October 2017 JST

5:30pm meeting is underway, but I am only being asked questions via text while here at JB since they are doing it in Japanese (at CB).


I’m dialed in now.


They are asking how the API works. I explained it is like a web server which gives just data instead of data and HTML. They said they understand that, but how does it work?

I explained I have never touched the code of this particular API.

Listening to this now, I am thankful I don’t generally have to sit through business meetings in Japanese.


I was told that they only had until 6pm, but the meeting is showing no signs of being finished.


I think Nate is making some good points.

Basically he is saying what I said: “you should have said something before (months ago).”

22:45 Wednesday 11 October 2017 JST

Okay the end result is that I will meet with them and answer their questions about the API.