12 Aug 2017, 15:51

went to Lake Motosu

15:51 Saturday 12 August 2017 JST

Lin drove Ma and me to Lake Motosu. Super great to have a perfect break in the rainy weather on the way there and at the lake! Now on the way back, it is slightly foggy. (500m visibility)

Before laking, we ate next to four pugs whose owners had outfitted them with vests with ice pouches on their chests. While we ate, several bicyclists arrived (after we had passed them on the road on the way up). I apologized for passing them, but I don’t think they understood. (Lin said we had passed them, and I said sorry, so I doubt they know what I meant.)

After lunch, we headed down to the lake and I was like, “hmm I should have brought shoes” because the lava rocks were a bit tough underfoot. We took a couple pics next to the lake and then we all squeezed into a paddleboat with Ma steering as Lin and I paddled. 30 minutes was enough of that for me!

The lake water was relatively clear, though there was one (1) big gross diesel boat on the lake which seemed super disruptive considering the number of paddleboaters, wind surfers, standing surfers, swimmers, canoes, and other human powered vehicles on the water.

We went back to the car and I was surprised Lin was ready to go; I suggested we go sit among the trees, and was glad Lin and Ma agreed. Ma went for a walk while I slept for a tiny bit. Lin coordinated when the guy will come to make sure they can put the AC in my room (either Monday or Wednesday).

Now we are headed back!

While writing the above, I saw a lone hill from which paragliders apparently launch, and then on the other side of the road, a playground thing that I would enjoy playing on but wouldn’t feel comfortable climbing all over it like crazy while so many kids were there.