11 Aug 2017, 19:27

XCode do you hate me

19:27 Friday 11 August 2017 JST

Oh XCode, you’re so quirky.

You automatically change Images.xcassets, automatically add the changes to git, AND automatically restore the changes after I revert them. This might be helpful if you did not also refuse to build the app due to missing images. I hate building iOS apps. Utterly shit experience all the fucking time.

Why do sandboxed users have to have difficult passwords? I don’t mind good passwords for real users, but not for sandboxed users. AND keep your password requirements written near where we make the users. I had to look that shit up on Stack Overflow. OH, so not only must it be 8 characters, have numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, we cannot have consecutive letters, cannot have common passwords, and something else? Screw you and your password requirements for sandboxed users Apple! Why not do something like support your devs by making a ChuckNorris password that we can all just use?

test@apple.com with password SteveJobs (or if we have to fit your lame requirements Stev3Jobs) AND THEN JUST LOG IN!! Use the Device ID to distinguish who is whom. Or even simpler, drop the requirements for strong passwords for sandbox users!

Now that I got logged in, I get “Transaction error: Cannot connect to iTunes Store”