13 May 2017, 09:45


23:15 Friday 12 May 2017 JST

After we stood hand in hand for a while, she said she felt very connected to the forest through me.

I asked if I could bless her with a hug.. after a few moments of hug, I just started to cry. 

"It's so good to see you again.  I have missed you so much."


Thank you.

And I caught my train on time.

09:18 Saturday 13 May 2017 JST

Dear Soul Rob,

Thank you for sharing. :) :) :)
Witnessing that gave me such great joy.  Still blissing out vicariously.
Great joy!!

P said to me last night that of all the people in the room he scanned, he hoped YOU would connect.
And he said it a number of times to her in the eve.
Later, she said to him something like, "That one is a Giant Tree..."
Bravo for all the grounding you have done.  Your energy is helping us all.

It reminds me that the call you feel to do the work you are doing is no accident.
May you be ever more empowered and assured that you're on track.

Blessings, Love & Gratitude,


10:03 Saturday 13 May 2017 JST

Thank you for sharing P's and her thoughts and reactions.  Thank you
for inviting me to connect.  Thank God I didn't let my fear of "being
late" keep me from making that connection!!!

I am still a bit vibraty now thinking about it.

I went home last night ostensibly for my Japanese lesson at midnight
(via Skype).  My teacher speaks English fluently and I spent the first
25 minutes of the lesson describing the experience which itself was
just about 4 minutes of objective time.

insha'allah, I would like to sit with her some more.