11 May 2017, 08:45

Dear FCC

08:45 Thursday 11 May 2017 JST

Dear FCC,

The FCC should stand up for Internet users by safeguarding net neutrality. 

The FCC should reject Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to hand the ISP
monopolies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T the authority to create
Internet fast lanes, stripping consumers of the necessary privacy and
access protections we demanded and so recently won.

I’m concerned about ISPs being allowed to discriminate against certain
types of data or websites because I would like my small business to
have a fair chance of success.

Thankfully, the existing Open Internet rules ensure that ISPs can’t
slow or block consumers’ ability to see certain web services or engage
in data discrimination by charging websites and online service money
to reach consumers faster.

That’s exactly the right balance to ensure the Internet remains a
level playing field that benefits small businesses and consumers as
well as larger players. Chairman Pai’s proposed repeal of the rules
would transform Internet providers into Internet gatekeepers with the
ability to veto new expression and innovation. That’s not how the
Internet was built, and that is not what we want.

The internet should continue to be a place where free speech can
remain free and where people can freely choose what content to
consume.  Each individual website owner can choose their own policy
regarding who can read their content.

However, Chairman Pai's proposal would allow ISPs and wealthy sites to
determine whose content can be read.  This will strength monopoly and
not just discourage, but undermine the creation of new sites.

Thanks for protecting Internet users like me by upholding the existing
Title II net neutrality rules.

09:13 Thursday 11 May 2017 JST

And another thing!

It's not just websites that are at risk, it's pure innovation that
is at risk.  When the MPAA tried to block VCRs from production,
they were stifling their own future money-making ability.

There are future technologies about which we cannot even dream.
Please allow them to come to life and trust the future generations
will thank us for ensuring the bounty of creative expression is
guaranteed by law and cultural values.

I urge you to keep Title II net neutrality in place, and safeguard
Internet users like me.