20 Nov 1997, 00:00

U2 tickets from KRBE

Thursday 20 November 1997

Cool! Just this morning I was listening to krbe on the radio, and the DJ was all, “we don’t have a copy of Young MC’s “Busta Move”” and I was all, “I’ve got it!” And I played it for them over the phone and on the air and they were all singin’ and dancin’ and basically goin crazy with it.

And they gave me tickets to Astroworld! Yay!!

I went in to the station to pick up my tickets, and after a few minutes, I got to go back to the broadcasting studio and be on the air! Totally fabulous and Sam Malone and I were jokin’ a bit about how we could go on tour… “it’d be two white guys,” he said, “trying to bust a move on tour.” Silly wacky stuff. Then as I was leaving, he’s all, “we’re gonna give you Rockets Tickets and you can be in the 104 KRBE Suite!” YES!!

Out of the studio, Chuck was about to sign me up for the tickets, and I said, “hey, uh I can’t go to the Rockets game..” He was all, “um, okay.. I’m not sure what other tickets we have..” and them someone was like, “we might have some U2 tickets.”

My eyes and face lit up. “YES!”

I got two U2 tickets, which went on sale in April for the concert 28 November, and normally cost 75 bucks each!!!