23 Jun 2018, 11:34

Ryokuchi Park 前 - GC7RKAK

21:39 Sunday 24 June 2018 JST

The paper did not hold up. I have removed the cache from the system until I can get a permanent label. I tried finding waterproof sealant or tape at the home center, but they did not have any that would work.

Saturday 23 June 2018 JST

Ryokuchi Park 前 GC7RKAK on Geocaching

This was my first cache. Placed on 23 June 2018, without even having a pencil inside for the log book. Thanks to Turbo-7 for helping me find English and Japanese notes to place in and on the cache.

Not sure if the paper outside the cache will survive the rain, but I did seal it with clear spray sealant. We will see how it holds up.