21 Oct 2017, 18:09

fun time at Gekko

18:09 Saturday 21 October 2017 JST

Good time at Gekko, though a bit expensive overall. 4500 yen for 3 hours of all we can eat; 2 hours for 23 the price would have been better for me.. BUT we got to have grilled bananas with cinamon, so yeah that was pretty good.

Talked to Sebastian, Tim, Mi-chan, Sayori. Sayori got progressively intoxicated and entertaining, though it may have worn out after much longer. Funny that after we all got up to leave, her group took off before everyone was out of the restaurant.

20 Oct 2017, 23:54

Alien Covenant spoilers

23:54 Friday 20 October 2017 JST

The human story was fine but the science included a lot of … fiction. I saw the ending coming a mile away even though at the very end I second guessed my correct original guess. Holy cats they threw away a lot of equipment to kill one little monster. Why would that couple hook up after having apparently been so focused on their just deceased partners? Note to safety team: put alarm lights in the shower as well.

20 Oct 2017, 23:49


23:49 Friday 20 October 2017 JST

I haven’t tagged a journal entry as ‘sleepy’ in a while. Tonight we saw a movie and when I turned my phone back on I discovered I had derped an online meeting by not entering it into my calendar (nor my brain, obviously). Got the meeting sorted out after returning home, and she was understanding / comforting enough that I probably won’t offer lunch or anything.

Anyway, I cleaned up the Balance Differ a little so it has less code related to the Time Calculator. The writer of Time Calculator hasn’t responded to my request for a suggested License, so I guess I will leave the license off.

00:08 Saturday 21 October 2017 JST

Just for the record, I am completely ready for bed: showered, flossed+brushed teeth, dried hair (doesn’t take much)… but I am just sitting in front of my computer like bluh. gtf to bed!

20 Oct 2017, 15:43

mt3 got another track glued down

15:43 Friday 20 October 2017 JST

I bought an AC adapter to use with my camera. Today I had been able to use the battery for about 90 minutes before it conked out. The adapter was 2000 yen from Amazon, but between 6000 and 8000 yen at Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera. How will this play out in the long term? Bic Camera connect with Amazon Buy Now inside their store? I think that is the simplest way (which Amazon would love).

Anyway, here is the video I uploaded today

The livestream was 1.3 hours https://youtu.be/nNzoOekbSUM

To make 5 minutes 41 seconds of video, I have spent 78+ hours on MT3 so far. That is a ratio of 4.3 hours per second. really? seems too long per second..

19 Oct 2017, 21:35

money tracker

21:35 Thursday 19 October 2017 JST


I know you cannot use this, but I will make it a webpage sometime “soon”

15:40 Friday 20 October 2017 JST

Okay here is a version you can use


Basically, I enter the balances of my Suica card in order and the script calculates the difference between the balances, so I can enter the differences into my budget tracking software.

The script is basically a slight modification of http://www.grun1.com/utils/timeCalc.html which I use to keep track of how much time I have spent on Marble Track 3.

17 Oct 2017, 22:52

budget software

22:52 Tuesday 17 October 2017 JST

I looked at a few different options and seem to have settled on Mobills

17 Oct 2017, 22:49

integration group tonight

22:49 Tuesday 17 October 2017 JST

Good I-group tonight.

17 Oct 2017, 12:38

mt3 glued some small track

12:38 Tuesday 17 October 2017 JST

I have spent 77+ hours on MT3 so far.

Special thanks to Jimmy for watching the Live stream nearly 3 hours today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V9_JSesKSo

15 Oct 2017, 21:53

yum dinner with a-san-su-tachi

21:53 Sunday 15 October 2017 JST

A-san-su treated us to dinner after we went to Machida with him and a-san-su-mei. Lin wanted to drive, which I didn’t mind until we got close to the station and tried to park. Man we coulda saved a lot of time by taking the train.

Anyway, they found no souvenirs in Machida area, but got some near our station. The we ate at our favorite buffet restaurant and talked about eating less, esp at night, and eating better, esp in the morning. We shall see.

15 Oct 2017, 08:46

aunt and uncle in town

08:46 Sunday 15 October 2017 JST

Great to have a-san-su and a-san-su-mei staying with us for a couple of days! I met them around the time Lin and I got married, so it’s been a few years since we’ve seen them! Lin’s sisters and kids came over last night for big dinner and lots of laughter. Middle sister and I did cheers a couple times with red wine and limone, respectively. I tried to find an ordering around the table that would have a smooth transition between languages spoken. Couldn’t solve it even with just 3 languages involved.

The kids played with the French vertical labyrinth kinda game, and did pretty well. The youngest was the most willing to play. Middle kid just watched TV and the oldest focused on social media via cellphone. We all focused on brownies and ice cream at the end of the evening. So decadent!

Sisters and kids left around 10pm and then we pretty much headed to sleep.

This morning I showed aunt and uncle Marble Track 3 so far (finished first four clips (5 minutes 28 seconds (~3936 frames)))

Now headed to TY.