11 Dec 2018, 17:54

want to detect collisions while dragging
17:54 Tuesday 11 December 2018 JST

Dang. I cannot seem to get Godot to detect collisions; I have some phsyics bodies fixed on the screen but dragging other physics bodies goes right through them.

09 Dec 2018, 09:56

Got ConSwi dragging to follow properly
09:56 Sunday 09 December 2018 JST

Still working on our open source Godot game, ConSwi (which I think is the perfect name, my partners are both saying they want a longer name that is more descriptive), I got piece dragging to follow the mouse properly. Originally I had the drag only active when the cursor was over the piece, so if the mosue went too quickly, the piece would no longer receive the input and lose track of the piece.

Now I have refactored the code that was used to catch what I called “Orphaned Swipes,” meaning swipes that were released out in the play field as opposed to exactly on the last piece.

OrphanSwipeCatcher is now GameSwipeDetector, and is now its own class, which allowed me to move a decent amount of code out of Game.gd and allowed drags to be detected even if the drag point moved off of the piece being dragged.

This refactor is still in progress; there are some more functions related to swipes and drags that can be moved to GameSwipeDetector.

Special thanks to Godot for dealing with memory management and allowing my semi-noodled-code so I can focus on functionality of the game. I can imagine Travis’ shock when he reads that!

07 Dec 2018, 22:12

state of my life address
22:12 Friday 07 December 2018 JST
  • Marble Track 3 has its own domain, https://www.marbletrack3.com/ hosted as a static site on Netlify
  • ConSwi is open source under GNU copyleft. Several outstanding issues, the biggest of which are #25 disallow dragged pieces to go through other pieces and #23 Make piece keep up with mouse when dragging
  • I created a Patreon page for MT3 and have my first patron, Jimmy!
  • I recently got the fans and battery replaced on my MacBook, but it still conks out when the battery is at 65%. I let it run all the way down to 0 after charging all the way, and did cmd-shift-p-r on boot.
  • I have not been writing journal entries very consistently recently
  • Working on AB, trying to get the code base for both sites up to snuff with MLAPHP
  • Working on TY, trying to get the new students up to speed
  • Marble Track 3 has six (6) different supports for the outer spiral, and they each have webpages on the website, with shortlinks so I can refer to them easily enough https://www.marbletrack3.com/p/1poss - https://www.marbletrack3.com/p/6poss The /p/ stands for “parts” as in “parts of the track” and Nposs stands for the Nth Placed Outer Spiral Support.
  • C and E have their wedding party soon (this coming Thursday)
  • Lin and I had a date tonight, eating ramen at a local cheap ramen shop. They deal with money by having a vending machine that dispenses colored plastic cards which tell what we ordered. The cards are as thick as poker chips, but round-rectangular
  • Jennie is our cat. She goes in and out through her cat door on the 2nd floor, which leads to the balcony and her little cat stair-bench to the roof, to the tree, to the ground (and back).
  • The Marble Track 3 site is on version 2 now, which focuses on the characters making the site instead of on me making the site. I think it is more interesting this way, but it still needs a tweak before I am like “yep”. The top page isn’t right yet.. Currently shows my inspiration for starting the project, but should show their inspiration (or something), but I do not yet know what that is.
  • Lucifer is in its 3rd season, so I have started watching it on Netflix, so far not bingeing.
  • I plan to binge the hell out of Rick and Morty seasons 3 - 99 when they are available.
  • My primary non-static web provider said my wiki dedicated to Castle of Dreams was using too much memory. I need to convert it to a static site and let people edit it via git. Fack when will I ever make time for that?
  • Been talking to Dora about getting business started. She introduced me to Dan Peña’s site and it’s like damn.
  • Speaking of castles, how is it that we live like royalty did back in the day, but compared to back in the day, we still are like slaves?

05 Dec 2018, 21:58

21:58 Wednesday 05 December 2018 JST

Yikes I derped and did not do my task for TY. First time, but I will definitely not miss again.

JB classes were fun; we used fake money notes as money in the 4:30pm kids class (Suzu, Kanta, Toshiro), and then I used them again in 8pm adult class (Misato, Kaori).

Working on ConSwi now, refactoring to make pieces move themselves down, and get a ton of code out of the main Game.gd.

03 Dec 2018, 18:30

new battery and fans
18:30 Monday 03 December 2018 JST

Thanks to Lantz for replacing the battery and both fans in just 30 minutes at Loreatec. (30 minutes after waiting a week for parts to be shipped)

Machine works and is back to being quiet. yay!

02 Dec 2018, 23:14

tattoos legal again
23:14 Sunday 02 December 2018 JST
In 2017, Masuda Futoshi was fined 150,000 yen for tattooing customers
without a medical license.

Recently, the Japanese high court reversed the decision.

Tattoos have historical and artistic significance.  Tattoos are social
customs in modern society.  Therefore the court decided ”tattoos are
fundamentally different from medical work.”

Tattoos have traditionally been an art form for many years.  The
decision to call them medical treatment is hard to defend.

The debate is not over.  Yasuhiro Tanabe, the prosecutor said, "we
will respond appropriately after studying the judgment."

29 Nov 2018, 17:24

17:24 Thursday 29 November 2018 JST

Just finished four lessons at SCC: Naoko, Liliko, Hitomi, and Yasu each had 30 minute lessons, practicing various parts of their presentations.

During the first two lessons, my nose was running like yuck. I used a bunch of toilet paper and tissues blowing all the snot out.

This morning I worked on MT3 for 1.5 hours or so, getting maybe 8 frames taken. At this point, I am working on version 2 of the website, which focuses on the characters making the track instead of me making the characters make the track.

Men’s group at 10:30 featured 10 or 11 men, a relatively big group. I had a great cry during which I realized I feel tons of shame and sadness about how much I have not accomplished in Japan. I should be making a good living, but I am still paycheck to paycheck and it sucks. That is the main reason I cannot go back to US every year.

In other news:

  • I will go on Monday to replace both fans and the battery in this computer (MacBook Pro, 2012)
  • I have gotten more than half of the classes in AB websites to be autoloaded per MLAPHP
  • Will meet Tariq tomorrow to finalize(?) the specs/screens for version 1 of ConSwi
  • In the middle of training at TY, helping Jay with that.
  • Great workshop presentation by Dora yesterday, and am inspired to do the same myself, but $3000? See the above-mentioned paycheck-to-paycheck comment.

18 Nov 2018, 16:42

great session with D
16:42 Sunday 18 November 2018 JST

I was the only other man to show up for D’s men’s circle tonight. We walked to a park near his house which has a wooded area.

Away from the busy-ness of the park, we settled in for a meditation and then got into my work. Wondering how to balance my projects, where to focus my energy, how to do the right thing?

The feelings of fear and sadness took me back to a time with my dad. He told me we would make a cool project together, basically a bigger better pinball machine with sounds and lights and ramps going everywhere. Holy shit that sounds awesome! I looked forward to that project for years until I realized it was never going to happen.

That feeling just sat and festered and rot away my connection to creativity until it is just a smidgen of what it used to be or could have been. Why the fuck did he lie to me?

“why did you lie to me??? You told me not to like, but then you lied! It’s not fair!” crying crying crying in the woods. Gasping gut wrenching sobbing cry with 100 tears for all the years it has been rotting inside me.

Some security guard came up and told us to get out of the woods, but he gave us space when he saw me crying.

Got all the tears out and then turned it into blessings.

I forgive myself for believing my dad could do anything. I forgive myself for not knowing what to do at 7 years old.

I thank spirit for the creative connection which is fully available to me.

I have my dad’s blessing to go forward with my creative endeavors.

17 Nov 2018, 22:22

noisy fan on macbook
22:22 Saturday 17 November 2018 JST

Yuck. One of the fans on my Macbook is clattering as it spins.

I do not know how to estimate decibels, but it is annoying. It sounds about like an old hard drive.

17 Nov 2018, 22:05

walked with Mai and Richard
22:05 Saturday 17 November 2018 JST

I walked with Mai and Richard as they walked with Fitz. They let Fitz off his leash so he could run around in a fenced area, but he just trotted around instead of doing the /r/zoomies that I expected.

He did a good job sliding down the slide, though he was not able to go up the slide.

I should have taken pictures of them.

2018 nov hanging by hair 2018 nov with fitz on square