27 Jul 2017, 20:46

met Tariq in Tokyo

20:46 Thursday 27 July 2017 JST

Just met Tariq for a few minutes in Tokyo station to create leaderboards in GameCenter for our iOS apps with scores.

27 Jul 2017, 17:58

Tall man in Ueno station

17:58 Thursday 27 July 2017 JST

While I was walking out of Ueno station, a tall man and I did the foreigner nod and then he said he had seen me on TV (for being barefoot). We shook hands and talked for a bit about the importance of doing one’s own thing.

He said, “I respect you,” and I should have said if he sees respectability in me, that means it’s in him, too.

I gotta stop and chat a bit longer to people who say HI like that, but I dunno what to say. Maybe I will ask if they live in Tokyo.

27 Jul 2017, 17:51

worked on Apple Memory

17:51 Thursday 27 July 2017 JST

After lunch with Esther I worked on Apple Memory for 90 minutes. Got three instances of deprecated code replaced with ((what I assume is) soon-to-be deprecated) code.

27 Jul 2017, 15:47

last(?) lunch with Esther

15:47 Thursday 27 July 2017 JST

I ate lunch with Esther in Ueno station before she moves to Okinawa. It sounds like she’s found a good job down there; I hope it works out well!

26 Jul 2017, 09:07

internetty lesson

09:07 Wednesday 26 July 2017 JST

Lesson at Zavas featured a high level discussion of two different peering arrangements (p2p vs centralized) and the concept of protocols. I was planning to talk about Bitcoin, but the word “peer” in the whitepaper started the discussion we ended up having.

I had a distinct sense of inadequacy when describing layers of protocols that make up the internet, but that may be because when I hear the phrase “the internet” in my mind, my mind replies with “the internet is made of cats, the internet is made of cats, cats! cats! cats!” before I can think of anything else.

Even so, I explained how centralized sites are targets for attack and how they are “free” because they can sell our data. I listed bittorrent, tor, mumble, pgp, gpg as peer to peer protocols. I guess SMTP is one as well. Not sure about Mumble, actually.


25 Jul 2017, 12:39

MT3 started making skeleton

12:39 Tuesday 25 July 2017 JST

I started putting together the skeleton that Kai gave me as a 490 piece 3D plastic puzzle.

The livestream got interrupted



13.25 hours so far.

24 Jul 2017, 20:06

Covered for Patrick 1 of 5

20:06 Monday 24 July 2017 JST

Worked at AK today for a 2 hour lesson. Pretty great because the students are all talkative and asked questions and such. Chatted a bit and then showed them an article I used with other class. This class had much higher comprehension of the article… which is good, but shows me just how too-high the article was for my other class.

After the lesson, Eiko walked me back nearly to the security gate, asking about PB a bit.

24 Jul 2017, 16:08

weird work

16:08 Monday 24 July 2017 JST

For some reason, I cannot connect to an EC2 instance, but I can connect to its sibling which was created with same OS, security group,and ssh key. hmmm.

24 Jul 2017, 14:15

tweaked Kai's presentation

14:15 Monday 24 July 2017 JST

Met Kai today at 1pm to edit her presentation which she translated from Japanese. It was pretty decent actually, with just a few wonky sentence structures and some punctuation typos. It was so easy that it did not take the 2 hours we had allocated, but boom done in an hour sitting at (“Fresh like a box of _______ ______“) down near Azalea.

16:18 Monday 24 July 2017 JST

So tired, can barely stay awake enough to make sure I don’t zonk out and miss the lesson which starts 1t 5:30pm. I actually considered getting a massage for an hour because then I could sleep and they would wake me up after the hour, but that would cost more cash than I have on me.

24 Jul 2017, 11:57

The fifth cheesecake

11:57 Monday 24 July 2017 JST

About once a week I eat lunch at Wired Cafe in Lazona. I always order the same thing (salad pizza, unsliced), sit in the same place (near an electrical outlet), and joke around with the manager when he is in.

One time I busted out my Japanese and ordered five (5) cheesecake sundaes. チーズケーキいつつお願いします。 and he was like five?? And I was like haha just joking.

But we carried the joke forward, and ever since then have been counting up/down the cheesecakes that I order. Today I ordered it again, and have decided it is my fifth since we started counting. So I was like 五つのご番目のちーずけーきお願いします、 and he was like ???, which is fine because it’s a weird request, but is that a reasonable way to ask for the “fifth of five cheesecakes”?