21 Apr 2019, 20:00

Great day today
20:00 Sunday 21 April 2019 JST

Lin and I enjoyed a great productive day today, starting with a romp after calling my mom on voip.

Main things for me: work on AB, fix bicycles. Lin wanted to clean the house a bit so she did that while I worked on AB.

We walked our decrepit bicycles to a local shop. Mine had to get a new chain; Lin’s bicycle needed a new valve stem and new seat.

While the bicycles were being fixed, we walked to the station to get a case for Lin’s new work phone.

Upon riding back home I found one of my Japanese teachers had suggested learning through songs, so I have decided to learn this song (found by searching “Japanese songs learning” or something)

19 Apr 2019, 09:44

09:44 Friday 19 April 2019 JST

Great progress in terms of frames today. Got the Triple Splitter Small Feeder Inner Bar curved and have a plan for Pinky to go push the Medium Blue Marble up the track on the Caret Splitter side of things.

18 Apr 2019, 20:43

Akihabara lesson
20:43 Thursday 18 April 2019 JST

I had some time before the lesson in Akihabara and ended up buying some squishy toys that were even cooler than the one I bought late last year. These have balls inside them about the size of frog eggs, and the outer balls stretch about as much as a frog’s lower mouth. The inner balls squirt out between fingers and make an awfully squirty sound that is somewhat between stepping in mud and a cartoon splat.

Best lesson in a long time.

Atsuko read that the pandaball would expand if placed in water. We tried it, but it turned out that the balls inside the pandaball would expand if placed in water. We tried that instead, and they did not grow as much as I hoped.

We then removed the rest of the balls so we could count them (Mayumi’s idea). I guessed there would be 200. Mayumi guessed 150. Zumi guessed 100. Atsuko guessed 80.

It turned out there were 117 balls inside; Zumi won! She also was closest regarding the question “guess how big they will get?”

Mayumi brought chocorooms and chokoboos (I just made that name up) but I chose not to eat the packs she gave me because I have been fasting today since 2pm. Yeah I know it is not long, but by tomorrow morning it will be longer than I usually wait..

18 Apr 2019, 20:34

Work at SCC
20:34 Thursday 18 April 2019 JST

Back at SCC today with four student for 30 minutes each. Hitomi came in for Lily, who could not come.

I bought Cast Arrows, a new Hanayama puzzle because I could not solve it in 20 minutes. (not that I can solve most of them in 20 minutes, but this one looked like I could solve it and then I was like “woah that’s not going to work???” because one piece was jjuustt slightly too big to fit through a gap. Dang, I thought they were all the same size.

18 Apr 2019, 20:26

Turns out I am *not* eligible for AWS free tier
20:26 Thursday 18 April 2019 JST

It turns out I am not eligible for AWS free tier.. Thank goodness for their billing alarms. It went off at $3 and I was like whhaaa??

It turns out free tier is only for new customers less than a year old. I have had my account for ages.. Why would their interface say free tier next to anything while I am logged in?????

15 Apr 2019, 10:29

filed my US taxes
10:29 Monday 15 April 2019 JST

I filed my US taxes with Taxes for Expats, on time even if I lived in the US! I get an automatic 2 month extension by living overseas. It is comforting to outsource the annoying parts of taxes and they have my back in case of an audit.

If you sign up using my affiliate link, https://www.taxesforexpats.com/clt/rn28 we each get $25 credit.

14 Apr 2019, 16:11

love myself? what??
16:11 Sunday 14 April 2019 JST

Told RG my life story and he said he could hear my head, but not hear my heart. I said something something something and then he was like “[that] will happen when you begin to love yourself”

And I just started to cry. I do not love myself. I love a lot of the things I do, but apparently not the me who I am.

Shame at its finest and most subtle. I did not even realize it until he said it.

14 Apr 2019, 10:34

new battery for Macbook (again)
10:34 Sunday 14 April 2019 JST

I am on the way back from Loreatec with another new battery in my computer. I replaced it back in December or so, but it never really acted right. Hopefully this one will do the right things.

Lantz offered this battery at no cost after I tried to pay him. We settled on half price.

10:40 Sunday 14 April 2019 JST

Battery has gone from 36 to 31 percent in a few minutes. I hope that is reasonable.

I will leave my computer off now until I get home.

14 Apr 2019, 08:37

crack on ball of my left foot
8:37 Sunday 14 April 2019 JST

After Yomiuriland yesterday, the skin on the bottom of my left foot split a bit. This morning I superglued it shut and put some tape over it. Seems to be okay.

10:38 Sunday 14 April 2019 JST

I put on socks and shoes to take off my shoes as I went into Lantz’s office. I left my shoes on during my trip back home as the split is painful.

13 Apr 2019, 09:13

Yomiuriland with Lin and Mikarin
09:13 Saturday 13 April 2019 JST

Excited to go to Yomiuriland with Lin and Mikarin today!

21:22 Saturday 13 April 2019 JST

Just got back home, though we left Yomiuriland around 5pm. Pretty early from my point of view, but they were both tired.

Good times.

2019 apr 13 balance 2019 apr 13 foot perspective 2019 apr 13 francois ball track 2019 apr 13 francois paper 2019 apr 13 lin standing coaster 2019 apr 13 mikarin lin bandit 2019 apr 13 on spinning ride 2019 apr 13 on swings

Francois on Bandit:

Squealing on waterslide: