23 Apr 2018, 09:57

good lesson before holidays

09:57 Monday 23 April 2018 JST

Good lesson at IL this morning, though only two students attended. I prased the students who came 35 minutes late to thank her for attending even though it was apparently a challenge to join.

Next week’s lesson is canceled due to a week of holidays, so on May 7th, I will invite them to talk about their holidays in English.

22 Apr 2018, 20:07

minecraft undersea monster room

20:07 Sunday 22 April 2018 JST

I decided to recreate this reverse fishtank in Minecraft, but for some reason it is all dark when I view it from the outside. Not sure how to make the underwater view look lighter.

I did it the lazy way with a fill command, decided to expand it, and made a huge dark area where tons of monsters instantly spawned.

I filled it in with torches so more monsters will not spawn, but am leaving these here for Fred and I to kill when we come back to the server in survival mode.

2018 april 22 monster room underwater

22 Apr 2018, 20:01

SOGO 2 year anniversary today

20:01 Sunday 22 April 2018 JST

SOGO is 2 years old today, so the organizers suggested a picnic in Yoyogi after the workout. Great workout and picnic with maybe 100 peeps and 80 peeps in attendance, respectively. I chatted with Hide, who has come for quite a while, and some first timers, Kino, Anna, and Laurie. Actually I don’t know if it was Kino’s first time, but it was my first time to meet her.

As I’m typing now, I think I might have sprained my thumb. While walking earlier, I could definitely feel a strain in my ankle. Good times.

22 Apr 2018, 00:06


00:06 Sunday 22 April 2018 JST

oops it is tomorrow already, but today Lin and I had neighbors Richard and Mai over for lunch, and then went for a walk with them and Fitz. We found a geocache.


2018 april second geocache

I got a sharp flake of plastic splintered into my foot on the way home. Thankfully Lin was able to get it out relatively easily.

Today was the last day for Build Your Speaker Bio course; I will miss everyone and am really thankful for how much Soness helped with my speaker sheet.

21 Apr 2018, 11:36

talked to Prentiss

11:36 Saturday 21 April 2018 JST

How do I make this a reality? What actions do I take? Who are my 7 Samurai to support me in this? What effect will this have on a higher universal level if I do this? What will get me from here to there?


Sorry I could not join the beginning of the call due to a work meeting!

I am

20 Apr 2018, 10:30

meetings before Toastmasters tonight

10:30 Friday 20 April 2018 JST

Several meetings today, including with men’s group and Soness and others.

13:33 Friday 20 April 2018 JST

So far so good! Good feedback from attendees and should be meeting with Soness soon. Wanna ask her how to prepare for Toastmasters meeting tonight.


Walking on stage, you immediately notice something .. off. Rob is barefoot! Was it a mistake? Did he lose his shoes? Turns out he has gone barefoot as much as possible for 15 years.

He talks about authentic speaking, being vulnerable with others.

“It’s difficult sometimes, but it’s worth it.” Is he talking about going barefoot or talking about being vulnerable?

Then you realize he is talking about emotional honesty in a men’s circle. “What is a men’s circle?” you wonder. “Some kind of club?”

After founding Tokyo Men’s Group, Rob started a group for women.

“The methods work,” he says. “I know from experience my relationship with my wife has improved. My relationship with everyone has improved, by looking inside at the dark corners of myself”

“What is he even talking about?” you wonder, but he looks excited, saying something about lowering the suicide rate in Japan.

Pretty lofty vision, but could it work? Could speaking about problems really help them?

You settle in for the talk, and soon find yourself wondering at the possibilities. What would it be like to have a mission in life? What would it be like to have support in completing my mission?

After all the speakers, you head home, but still can’t stop wondering about that barefoot guy. What was his name again? You get out the bio sheet and read.

Rob is American living in Tokyo. He walks around barefoot as an example to let people be themselves and not worry about what others may think. Starting personal growth work in 1997, he is now the representative in Japan for The Mankind Project (mkp.org), founding and leading two peer counseling circles here.

He listens patiently, allowing his clients time to feel and be present in the moment. He models being vulnerable and imperfect. “The key to happiness is letting myself be me.”

19 Apr 2018, 00:15

git out

00:15 Thursday 19 April 2018 JST

  • 39c7bfa recent entries
  • 17a339c removed : from titles
  • 70ec6d3 TEMPoRARY commit, not including all years, and not cleaned up filenames
  • 6086901 Added README
  • 354c77e (bitbucket/master) p
  • 1fbcd35 s
  • c385ebb colon
  • 492f2fc slash
  • 3b91dec slash
  • 40ba10c w
  • ce5271f w
  • 8be74d2 w
  • afebd29 dot

The above shows a weird thing that happened to my git repo while I was messing with Fossil. The commit 6086901 is the first, and the commit 354c77e is the last, but it was shown right in a row.

  • 009ce03 (HEAD -> master, bitbucket/master)
  • 423fc12 Uh,
  • 0844b6a yeah,
  • 86a5a58 uhh..
  • 69409ec h
  • b961113 t
  • 054caad t
  • 1201bc1 p
  • 7cfcb9a s
  • 0cdde35 colon
  • 4e4a200 slash
  • 3838c9e slash
  • 82b58ce w
  • 481d694 w
  • d77032a w
  • 6dd65ea dot

This is the current top of the commit. Turns out the weird append was due to two different branches having identical, but non-related histories.

I git push --force to break it and fix it again. Not sure if I went with the original history or a new one.

00:25 Sunday 22 April 2018 JST

I wrote the comments above to fix the layout of the commits.

For some reason when I fossil push it says wrong project, and it pushes the project properly.

18 Apr 2018, 17:37

easy lessons

17:37 Wednesday 18 April 2018 JST

Easy lessons today because Patrick was out. After combining the 4:30 classes, we played a game with target language “May I have a card, please?,” “I’m ____-ing,” “We’re ____-ing,” “Hey ____, let’s go ___-ing,” and “Sorry I can’t. I’m busy.”

Matt is also out today, so I’ll teach his 6pm lesson.

18 Apr 2018, 10:22


10:22 Wednesday 18 April 2018 JST

New regular students in SS lesson this morning; Kaede stopped coming relatively soon after joining last year, and Chika apparently took my bitcoin advice (whereas I did not haha) so she moved overseas. Satoshi has not come recently, and Sayuri said she was busy today, plus said Ayano something something so could not come. Nonoka and Ai came today. Ai helped Nonoka with some phrases and months of the year. We played a little month game asking the date of Christmas, Halloween, Tanabata, White Day, etc.

Now I am in a cafe on ground floor of Muza watching pigeons and peeps walk, fly, and or meander through the breezeway.

10:43 Wednesday 18 April 2018 JST

Oh dang I just realized I messed up the commit messages on the last few commits so I blew them away with git push --force.


* 30cbf1c (HEAD -> master, bitbucket/master) h
* 3506fbc h
* 3962445 .
* 6a436d4 .
* 69409ec h
* b961113 t
* 054caad t
* 1201bc1 p
* 7cfcb9a s
* 0cdde35 colon


* 86a5a58 (HEAD -> master, bitbucket/master) uhh..
* 69409ec h
* b961113 t
* 054caad t
* 1201bc1 p
* 7cfcb9a s
* 0cdde35 colon

17 Apr 2018, 22:19


22:19 Tuesday 17 April 2018 JST

ダイエットをしたいけどアイスは魅力的みりょくてきすぎる。 I want to diet, but ice cream is too tempting.



黒ヤギさんからお手紙着いた。 シロヤギさんたら食べずにはいられなくて食べた。

21:16 Thursday 19 April 2018 JST

今日なんとか下着を聞きましたけど言葉を忘れた。 Today I heard something-underwear, but I forgot the word.