17 Jun 2019, 06:22

rewrote history of journal entry commit messages
06:22 Monday 17 June 2019 JST

I wanted to swap the commas a bit so I rewrote the commit messages with git rebase 68a8c08. Now the top of git log --oneline --graph --decorate --all looks like this (sans colorization):

* 7dc0917 (HEAD -> master) back
* 10b1b54 some,
* 35be077 well,
* 0bd1c8b several
| * 84efab7 (norigin/master, github/master, bitbucket/master) some
| * 143640e well,
| * a8b25db several,
* 68a8c08 years
* 34b1460 ago
* b62b05e when
* 8f33818 he
* 7ce3602 was

After writing this, I started composing a message on english.stackexchange.com

I am writing a story in which an US American man is being
interviewed.  The man is relaying a story which happened in the
past.  To describe how long ago it happened, he uses the word
"some" and then wants to revise it to "several (years ago)."

Without punctuation, it would be transcribed as

... that was back some well several years ago when he was still ...

I am debating between adding commas to indicate pauses either as

A. that was back some, well, several years ago when he was still ...


B. that was back some well, several, years ago when he was still ...

but ended up not posting it as there are several answers already.

17 Jun 2019, 06:17

I got a seat on the train
06:17 Monday 17 June 2019 JST

I got a seat on my preferred train. I arrived in just enough time, though it’s reasonable to say I could have ridden more slowly to be safer (down the big-ass whooo-hooo hill).

17 Jun 2019, 06:14

ACiM 27
06:14 Monday 17 June 2019 JST

I think I am on day 27 in A Course in Miracles.

My attack thoughts attack my invulnerability
  1. I am concerned about missing the train
  • I am afraid I might not get a seat
  • I am afraid I might have to stand
  • I am afraid I might be late for work
  • I am afraid I might lose my job
  • I am afraid I might get yelled at
  • I am afraid I might feel shame
  • I am afraid I might feel sad
  • I am afraid I might feel moe joe
  • I am afraid I might get into an accident

These thoughts attack my invulnerability.

16 Jun 2019, 21:31

great Tokyo Tribe workshop tonight
21:31 Sunday 16 June 2019 JST

Tonight in Azabu Juban I attended Tokyo Tribe’s workshop number 8, a look back at the first half of 2019, and a look forward at the second half.

Here is what I wrote as testimonial:

I learned I did a great deal in 2019 already and got good insights
on what types of behaviors support my continued growth.

Therefore, I can focus on the helpful behaviors and achieve even
more in the second half of 2019.

I discovered fears from my childhood have kept me from acting in
my highest joy and inner growth

16 Jun 2019, 14:14

Great SOGO and ultimate
14:14 Sunday 16 June 2019 JST

Fun in the sun today at SOGO Bootcamp. We had to adjust our normal workout area due to puddles, but all good and lots of fun. I remet Anuj, Valeria, Lisa, Alex, Ben. Got to see Haruo and Jim again as they led ultimate frisbee after bootcamp.

We played until about 1:18pm with about 6 on 6 down to 4 on 4 as people had to go.

15 Jun 2019, 18:18

replanted tree today
18:18 Saturday 15 June 2019 JST

Lin and I replanted the sakura tree which we planted (too close to the wall) last week. There was a slight gap in the rain so we took the chance to move the tree.

I was thankful I had done a careful job of packing mud and nutritious leaves for the tree last week. I was able to dig those up and reuse them today. To be honest I was a bit frustrated by the end and just wanted to get it done, and then Lin bumped her head quite hard on the window frame that extends out from the house. (it sounded like a heavy rock falling onto the ground). I wanted her to stop working and go inside, but she wanted to clean up the final bits of mud.

Most interesting about the whole thing was when Azuma-san came by and said we didn’t need to move it; the tree would have been fine 20cm from the wall. He showed us the tree near his wall as evidence. Hmmm. It’s a different kind of tree, but fair enough.

13 Jun 2019, 13:21

new site design
13:21 Thursday 13 June 2019 JST

New site design coming soon.

13 Jun 2019, 13:16

MT3 progress
13:16 Thursday 13 June 2019 JST

Today I glued just one piece (twice) in an attempt to move Marble Track 3 forward. The piece is a small segment of the pointy end of a toothpick which will support the upper end of Lower Zig Zag 3ban.

11 Jun 2019, 15:45

great timing to catch the train
15:45 Tuesday 11 June 2019 JST

I walked gently toward our station while repeating the lesson for today. I included “I am determined to see time differently” an was intrigued as I walked past a man who was walking slowly; it felt right / fine to do so.

Arrived at the train station and just missed the local train, but whatdya know the next train was a Hakone Limited Express (or something) and the next stop is Shinjuku, and I got a seat (for 410 yen).

09 Jun 2019, 21:26

great timing to get my keys
21:26 Sunday 09 June 2019 JST

Headed to the station I realized I had left my wallet etc at the workshop location.

Great timing to find them before they got across the street and out of site. Rin let me back in and discovered some of the lights were still on so she got a chance to turn them off. Perfect synchronicity again.