20 Aug 2018, 05:20

Yesterday included sixth walk

05:20 Monday 20 August 2018 JST

Lin and I walked together yesterday on a completely new route.

I chose not to go to SOGO after flipping a coin after Lin asked if I wanted to stay at home and install the vertical labyrinth game.

19 Aug 2018, 22:20

Installed vertical labyrinth game

22:20 Sunday 19 August 2018 JST

A couple of years ago I received a vertical labyrinth game from the toy store I used to frequent in Harajuku on the way to my lesson with Sarumama.

In the past couple of days I decided to mount the game on our wall so we can actually play with it!

Here is the game resting on a shelf, where any decent sized earthquake could send it toppling to disaster. It had been like this for a while.

2018 aug 0 the front

On the back it has hooks which allow it to be mounted securely to the wall.

2018 aug 1 the back

I made some brackets that were basically the right size and color to match the game and its brackets.

2018 aug 2 will attach to wall 2018 aug 3 need a bigger bit 2018 aug 4 I made supports

Here is the only indication of the maker. This is printed on the back of the game.

2018 aug 5 maker stamp no url

Jennie helped herself to the table while I used it to place the game at the right height.

2018 aug 6 height adjusted

Mounted on the wall!

2018 aug 7 installed

18 Aug 2018, 09:19

Lin joined me on my fifth walk

09:19 Saturday 18 August 2018 JST

Lin and I got off to a later start than I had originally planned, but we walked an hour around our neighborhood, finding some new streets we had never used before and arriving via different routes in places we had been before. “Oh! we’re here!” kinda thing.

Wow! 3.9km in 58 minutes, according to Google maps.

17 Aug 2018, 09:31

stomach camera

9:31 Friday 17 August 2018 JST

I just finished having my stomach checked. It was different than I expected. They put some kind of anesthetic in my mouth which for a moment maybe not be able to swallow which was weird. I couldn’t breathe through my mouth.

It was a little frightening that I couldn’t breathe through my mouth, but I was able to breathe through my nose so I was able to maintain and calm demeanor.

Now the operation is over and I am holding a cotton swab over the place where they dripped 500ml of yellow liquid into my veins so I can have some energy, since I have not eaten since 4 pm yesterday or 16 hours since the operation. Although it was requested that I don’t eat for 12 hours before, timing didn’t work work out so that I can eat

After my mouth was numb they put a camera tube thing down my throat. I was able to see in the monitor so that was somewhat interesting but I couldn’t really identify a anything except weirdly shaped to sue and maybe like looking in a cave or some kind of monster.

I wish I could have gotten the whole video, but it’s probably the same as any other person just probably online somewhere.

I haven’t heard from the doctor but I guess it’s healthy. After the operation I fell asleep for a little bit. I keep saying operation but it was I’m just a procedure not an operation. the place where they put the thing into my arm it’s a little bit painful but not too bad. I’m holding this thing for 5 minutes and I guess it’s almost done but it still hurts.

Now it’s time to get up. 9:45

17 Aug 2018, 07:21

fun fourth walk

07:21 Friday 17 August 2018 JST

I have been writing in Japanese about the walk.

Behind our house there are some houses under construction. There are no gates blocking entry so I went inside to have a look.

(English translations from my Japanese:)

Outside the houses there was scaffolding wrapped in blue fabric. On the first floor the fabric kept anyone outside from seeing me inside, but on the second floor, the fabric had gaps so I was nervous at times.

The houses were close together, so on the second level of the house I entered, I used the scaffolding to cross over to the next house, via its scaffolding.

back to English:

I walked straight Where I normally turn right to go back home, but this time it went straight and found an interesting place I have never seen before. I think it is a recycling plant but I’m not sure. It has a nicely paved pathPeople can walk on along its length, But the fences are pretty clear about where they want people not to go. I didn’t go anywhere they didn’t want me to, but through the hedge I took a picture of one of their trucks.

For a moment across my mind that it might be neat to get a job there, but I can imagine it would get old pretty quickly. Maybe they offer tours that we can just see inside facility. That would be pretty neat, and worth checking into, but I probably won’t do it.

After walking the length of their facility, I walked along the road that had no cross streets so it seemed to be next to a river or some other shallow valley.

The valley prevented me from turning right to go back toward the house, soI ended up walking longer than I might have plans too, but it was a pretty great walk. On the way back I recognized that I had walked along the street before, and I noticed it was next to the recycling facility. So I had walked next to the recycling facility before, but I just didn’t realize it.

TLDR Who cares. 3.1km walked. the end.

17 Aug 2018, 05:06

homework sentences

05:06 Friday 17 August 2018 JST

毎朝5時に起きて、歩く始まりました四日目前。いいじゃないと思ったんだけ ど、今朝行きたくない。 残念、脳さん、行って来ます。

06:46 Friday 17 August 2018 JST

只今!散歩しながら、新し家を見って「中に入りましょうか」と思ったんだ けどそれはダメから入りなかった。


Above, corrected by Lin:



その家の外では工の登りものがあって青い工服なんとか 織物を包んだ。1Fに織物のためそこから中で私を見られな かったんだけど、2Fに行って織物がないところがあったから、時々ドキドキ 感じました。


16 Aug 2018, 06:25

break up cat fight before walk #3

06:25 Thursday 16 August 2018 JST

Just before 5am, Lin let Jennie outside for her morning adventures. Soon thereafter we could hear her catching up with another cat. I woke up for my walk and headed toward the altercation. Unfortunately my approach was a catalyst for amplification of the catastrophe. They catapulted away from each other and Jennie ran under a car before I could catch her.

I continued walking and went 2.9 km according to Google. My phone didn’t track me as precisely as I would have liked, though. I hoped to see some more waypoints than I got on the map. Might have to find an app to do it.

2018 aug 16 walking route incorrect

15 Aug 2018, 07:19

great walk this morning (#2)

07:19 Wednesday 15 August 2018 JST

I woke up several times last night like 3am, 4am, and then ended up waking up at 5:30am instead of 5am for my walk. Got out of the house bleary eyed by 5:45 am and headed toward かさはら’s place. He wasn’t outside (and I was 45 minutes later than the previous day) so I strolled on past and walked up stairs to the right and met a man who I ended up exercising with in a park (Takaishi Dai 3 Park, according to Google Maps). He said he is 73 years old and stays healthy so he can play tennis. It’s people like him who are my models, old and 元気げんきgenki (energetic, chipper, healthy)

The tag 545-719 refers to when I left the house and when I got back to write this entry.

2.8km traveled according to Google Maps.

14 Aug 2018, 22:50

great mens circle tonight

22:50 Tuesday 14 August 2018 JST

Four men in the circle tonight, including two relatively newcomers. I experienced beautiful facilitation to help me get the courage to implement my new idea.

I have just sent this message to my friend H.

I am thinking about doing a 6 month set of weekly circles on
Friday nights.  Could I do them at your place?  Would you be able
to attend, assuming you'd be interested in the content?

My idea is to do something very close to the men's circle, but
with a focus of finding one's mission/purpose in life.  Once the
circle is formed relatively well, we would do an exercise for each
person to find their life mission, and then focus on implementing
that life mission for the remaining 3 months or so.  The timing I
have in mind is just a rough guess, but wondering if you would be
interested in participating?

14 Aug 2018, 11:05

fantastic first walk (#1)

11:05 Tuesday 14 August 2018 JST

I have decided to wake up at 5am each day, and on the five days I do not have to immediately go to work (for which I have already been waking up at 5am), I will go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

Today I went up the hill and along the ridge and up left on a street I had never walked before, then up a hill into a park and then omg down a spooky mossy staircase with spiderweb strands hitting my face and cicadas buzzing my ears and mosquitoes chomping my legs. Upon arrival at the bottom, I turned left onto a little street and met Mr Kasahara who was like, “can I show you?” and I was like “please!” and he showed me a rainbow colored 玉虫たまむし insect he called a tamamushi, and went on at length about how it was such a rare find. I was able to understand about 50% of what he was saying.

The area where he lived used to be named Kasahara, but the Odawara clan(?) came over and Mr Kasahara had to flee (for his life). He is 85 years old, and apparently has a fair few stories to tell. I hope to see him tomorrow and bring my recorder to record some of his stories for science and study etc.