19 Jun 2018, 08:32

how to submit to iOS Apple App store

08:32 Tuesday 19 June 2018 JST

I know I wrote something like this before, but now I cannot find it. I looked in bitbucket, github gists, but not redmine, which I cannot seem to find now at redmine.robnugen.com. I also checked in https://new.robnugen.com/toots

(( below is adapted from https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-submit-an-ios-app-to-the-app-store--mobile-16812 and https://www.raywenderlich.com/184709/submit-app-apple-no-account-app-store-part-1))

I am writing this copy in https://new.robnugen.com/toots/submit-to-iOS-app-store/ and maybe also in https://wiki.robnugen.com/wiki/Programming:How_to_publish_an_iOS_app_as_of_2018

18 Jun 2018, 22:44

tired after long day

22:44 Monday 18 June 2018 JST

5am woke up. Home just a bit ago.

Tired long day.

IL Lesson

Wendy’s Wild Rock and Happy Dad’s day with Dad and Fred and Saundra on the line.

UG Lesson

Saizeria for lunch

ooops no cash. wrote my name and number; went to the bank; came back and paid.

Hung out with cats until time for co-gender circle.

Co-gender circle. 3 people in attendance, including me.

Scheduled meeting with my supervisor tomorrow before men’s circle.

Tired headache bed now soon.

17 Jun 2018, 19:03

SOGO Cookie Time

19:03 Sunday 17 June 2018 JST

Went to SOGO with everyone and then Cookie Time with Aki, but the line was too long for her so we bounced. Said bye to her at the station and then went back for cookies! Bought a shake, but it was more like blended milk than blended ice cream. Bought a lemon cookie for Lin and headed home.

“Oh I forgot my water bottle” so I headed back to the park and saw Menya and them leaving the park. They had my water bottle yay!

Went to lunch at TGIF and ate chicken quesadilla (fast service this time) across from Ami, next to whom I sat last time we were there (my first time at SOGO, circa two years ago). (I had been across from Emi, but Lisa came and sat by Menya so we all shoved down one seat.)

Headed home and found Lin at the station where we bought KFC and ate it outside in the yard while mosquitoes feasted as well.

Now sleepy nap time for me before lesson with Sarumama at 8pm and then meeting with Tariq at 10pm.

15 Jun 2018, 23:45

toastmaster's best English table topic

23:45 Friday 15 June 2018 JST

Tonight I won the best (of three) English table topics. Zero ums counted by the um-counter, and 1 apparent use of the word “marvelous” which I actually used as “marvel us”

The speech topic was anything, based on an item taken from a bag. I took out a piece of chocolate so did a sales pitch on it, basically saying how its dimensions and mass could be used a measurment units.

15 Jun 2018, 16:52


16:52 Friday 15 June 2018 JST

2018 june japanese 1 2018 june japanese 2 2018 june japanese 3

15 Jun 2018, 12:55

mt3: yoi sho

12:55 Friday 15 June 2018 JST

よいしょ is the audio I want to add right at the end of this video. In this case, it is the equivalent of “3. 2. 1. lift!”

Spoonhead is adept at getting the marbles onto the stage because he’s the right height for that. I gave him long arms as well to help lift marbles (and knock the switch around accidentally).

Speaking of accidents, while trying to film the frame after they lifted the marble, it fell and knocked everything askew.

2018 june 15 everything askew front 2018 june 15 everything askew side

15 Jun 2018, 09:36

famous Japanese fairy tales

09:36 Friday 15 June 2018 JST


毎月の三番金曜日 Every 3rd Friday of the month there is a Toastmasters meeting in English in Tokyo

This is my second time to go.

This is my first time to go the second time to the third Friday meetings.

It’s my first second third Friday meeting.

14 Jun 2018, 14:50

high score on magnet thing

14:50 Thursday 14 June 2018 JST

I got 36 without cheating! It’s my new high score on the magnet game!

2018 june 14 new high score 36

13 Jun 2018, 21:42

SOGO Cookie Time

Sunday 10 June 2018

(written 21:42 Wednesday 13 June 2018 JST)

This past weekend after SOGO (only like 12 people attended because it was sprinkling for part of the time) we went to Cookie Time, and oh my god I can imagine how bad it is for me because of how good they taste. I will probably go back next week, esp if Aki comes to SOGO; she also loves sweets.

I ate mine before most people even started theirs; I hadn’t heard we were going to wait for a compai and picture haha. Some people could not finish theirs so I helped them out. Man I must be a sugar junkie.

Hung out in the park afterward, chatting and drawing designs in the pine needles. Ended up leaving after a solid hour because the rain began in earnest. Walked back to Cookie Time to get my umbrella, which was helpful to have once I got back to Shin Yurigaoka.

13 Jun 2018, 21:34

work and work

21:34 Wednesday 13 June 2018 JST

Been working too much recently, but not enough to trigger carpal tunnel issues again, fortunately.

Today for AB I nearly finished a report that AB wants to have available. I thought I could finish in 2 hours, but it has taken 6.5 so far. fack. I will tell them it has taken longer.

Today for JB I did my normal Wednesday schedule (Solid Square with Ayano and them, then two kid lessons and two adult lessons in JB office from 15:30 - 21:00). Had a gap in the middle so went to Muza for their ワンコイン 500 yen lunchtime concert. Had a nice snooze during the performance, a string quartet, which played for about 40 minutes.