06 Mar 2019, 21:33

last lesson with Sweets Party Attendants
21:33 Wednesday 06 March 2019 JST

Today was the last lesson with Sweets Attendants. (Their office is being shut down at the end of this month, but I am leaving next week for three weeks overseas.)

I met Tomoko at CPK at 11am and helped her carry pizza to their office where we had a party, including candy I bought from the conveni ond 3F.

The party was fun, but afterward I unfortunately let myself get sidetracked into dealing with some work related Excel spreadsheet crap, but got it sorted out by moving the spreadsheet into Google Sheets, where I can use the =FILTER() function. Why can’t I use such a function in LibreOffice?

That took an hour out of our 4 hours allotted, but then I got to chat with Midori for a bit about her plans. At the end of our time together, I went to the front desk and received a small white wooden box with four drawers that I plan to use for Marble Track 3 parts. Tomoko had apparently brought it to the office and apparently does not want it anymore.

We stood to say bye to a bunch of guys leaving the conference room right around the time that I also had to go. That had me trapped a bit longer than I wanted, during which time I wanted to reiterate they can ask me for references or whatever they need for job search. After the conference room cleared out, I headed out and Tokyo-waved while walking out the two sets of glass doors.

Gosh I am going to miss the sweets party attendants!

03 Mar 2019, 21:46

State of My Life Address
21:46 Sunday 03 March 2019 JST
  1. I will be traveling to the US for 22 days starting March 13th.
  2. Not packed yet, but have it planned for next week.
  3. I have just sent a list of workshops to Tokyo Men’s Circle

    Men, my stretch was to find workshops that we can do in Tokyo.

    I have led #1 and #3 below. As a group, we did #2 in August 2018 for ourselves, and then again in November 2018 for new men.

    #4 can be done online, once a week for 5 to 7 weeks (2 hours per week). This would require some coordination and a trainer from the US to help me lead. I judge it would take a committment from 6 men to make it worthwhile.

    1. Head Heart and Soul is a 2 hour introduction to the work. Men and women can attend.

    2. Circle of Men, Journey of the Heart is a day long experiential personal growth workshop. Men only, but could probably work for women. (6-7 hours, including lunch)

    3. Life Mission workshop lets each man to discover his life’s Mission, and actions which he can use to bring his mission present in his life. This can easily be done in 2 hours.

    4. Circle Skills training for the classic archetypal MKP-style integration circle (this gives a solid framework for sitting in circle)

  4. I got a new battery, but it has not worked right. I understand now I need to disable sleep mode and let it reallllly run out all the way. Dangit.

  5. Marble Track 3 has over 300 hours of livestream of me making it.

  6. I probably will not mess with the website for a bit, but the idea of making it better is tempting.

  7. The website is at version 2, mostly purple and made by Sanjay and team in Deli, India.

  8. The GoFundMe has made $4000+ which more than covers the tickets for my trip. We need to set up a company here to keep track of everything.

  9. That means I need to start collecting receipts, cause they are getting pricey!

  10. I had a killer headache this past Monday from too much computering, I think. I can feel another coming on, but I will head to be soon.

  11. I am shutting my computer down now/soon and will let the battery run alll the way down

  12. I think I have a way to fix ConSwi without relying on physics to keep bricks from going through each other.

  13. I wanted to work on it today, but did lots of MKP stuff

03 Mar 2019, 21:45

busy weekend
21:45 Sunday 03 March 2019 JST

Oh man I should write a SOML.

27 Feb 2019, 22:11

Misato gave me and Lin bracelets
22:11 Wednesday 27 February 2019 JST

So surprised when Misato gave me and Lin matching tiger eye bracelets today! I had commented on Misato’s bracelet last week (and apparently praised it too much!) cause it caught my eye, and I had never seen dark tiger eye before. Super striking!

I guess this means I should buy her something kinda special from my trip.

I probably should have gotten a picture of our matching bracelets.

27 Feb 2019, 22:07

lunch with Tomoko
22:07 Wednesday 27 February 2019 JST

Actually not lunch, but after the NWTA meeting, I worked on AB and then hung out with Tomoko from 2:05pm to 2:50pm. Midori was off today, so I didn’t get to see her. We talked about badminton and Mari-chan, who is in the badmintion group and happened to be with Tomoko when she let me in.

27 Feb 2019, 22:03

BC NWTA 3 weeks out
22:03 Wednesday 27 February 2019 JST

Today was the 3-weeks-out meeting for we staff of the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) in British Columbia, Canada. It was a good meeting; we each have a buddy and each man on the call checked in for his buddy, with the presumption that the buddies have been in touch with each other.

I was inspired after the call and reached out to my two teams via email. I look forward to meeting everyone!

21 Feb 2019, 17:33

lessons in Akiba
17:33 Thursday 21 February 2019 JST

Now I am headed to Akihabara for lesson with Mayumi and them.

21 Feb 2019, 17:29

lessons at SCC
17:29 Thursday 21 February 2019 JST

Today (and most Thursdays) I taught at SCC in Kawasaki. Naoko reviewed for her test next week. Yasu reviewed the same material for his test sometime in the future. Azusa did much better with her fluency and intonation for her presentation. Liliko asked about the brochure that has to change soon to accomodate new opening times.

After the lessons I went to say HI to Tomoko and Midori, but Midori had the day off. Tomoko showed me how to RSVP on Circle Square for next month’s badminton game.

21 Feb 2019, 07:35

prepping to talk to F
07:35 Thursday 21 February 2019 JST

Marble Track 3 is not my #1 priority; I am happy to work on it slowly.

*) Rewriting in Gatsby / React makes sense if I can learn along the path to creating it. How do you feel about going slowly, to help an old newbie learn along the way?

Basically, I do the work, learning along the way, you get a per month retainer, for minimum 5 months?

*) What income streams do you see for Marble Track 3?

*) I got a gatsby-driven blog skeleton going, but have not integrated Airtable.

*) I ain’t sold on Airtable yet; I was not even able to get a Hello World working after 35 minutes of poking around at existing templates and staring at the interface

*) currently I have scripts that make different image sizes (2 for now, but more can be easily added) Where do images get stored in your setup?

20 Feb 2019, 19:13

Wednesdays are long days
19:13 Wednesday 20 February 2019 JST

Finally figured out why the sorts were not working on AB; I changed the way GET parameters were cleansed and did not set it to cleanse all 60 required to deal with 20 DataTable columns. Now it works and is on the live site. It is apparently working well, but AB will have some change requests by tomorrow night. We will discuss them on Friday.

Right now I am in a free lesson at work; usually-consistent-Hide did not come to class, and Shinji and Akiko rarely come to class.

I am zooming through some Gatsby JS tutorials to get ready to talk to Fust tomorrow about possibly redoing MT3 site with Gatsby.