24 Apr 2017, 10:05


10:05 Monday 24 April 2017 JST

Today I hope to get AB server upgrade officially complete. Need to clarify a time with client and then do it, hopin’ all goes smoothly (i.e. I have not missed anything).

23 Apr 2017, 22:01


22:01 Sunday 23 April 2017 JST

Moe Joe

Lin is bitching at her mom. In me it’s triggering anger. I just want to yell SHUT THE FUCK UP GODDAMMIT because with them bitching I can’t work, nor sleep.

I know this reaction is my problem. I am going to sit (and meditate) a bit.

09:46 Monday 24 April 2017 JST

Meditation worked wonders. My feelings shifted from “fuck you” to understanding that they have needed to get this fight out for a long time. I gave Lin hugs and kisses when she finally came upstairs. They fought for over an hour.. must have been tiring! She said they came to a good understanding, though.

15 Apr 2017, 12:42


12:42 Saturday 15 April 2017 JST

Man this is going slowly. Part of it is pain in my neck, wrists, head, fingers..

14 Apr 2017, 10:02


10:02 Friday 14 April 2017 JST

Because it takes 5 hours to import the data in my reliable way, I will not recreate the machine from scratch in Tokyo region.

I’ll finish it up in California and then move it over to Tokyo.


  1. add cron jobs
  2. Make sure site works
  3. change the domains to correct domains
  4. make an AMI of the box
  5. copy it to Tokyo
  6. spin it up
  7. copy latest data changes over
  8. point DNS to new box
  9. activate SSL

Step One requires

  1. copy cron scripts from live server to local machine
  2. Create role to deploy them on vagrant box
  3. create playbook to run role
  4. copy them into vagrant box (role/templates)
  5. remove them from local machine
  6. ansible-vault encrypt them on vagrant box
  7. Create new mysql backup user
  8. Create new mysql log_deleter user
  9. Save changes that created users
  10. tell role to copy scripts to server
  11. have the role create the crontab
  12. run playbook
  13. test the script
  14. install s3put command
  15. create new s3 credentialed user on AWS Console
  16. Add credentials to new server
  17. fix GRANTS for mysql user
  18. test the script
  19. run the script for real
  20. see if it runs via cron

Step Three requires a few steps for me to feel comfortable with it

  1. change the domains to different test sub-domains
  2. ensure I can activate SSL on them
  3. run tests on the sites
  4. change the domains to correct domains

Step Seven requires telling Ansible to talk to servers in a different region, which I can probably do in realtime without testing (because I won’t have activated DNS on the box yet).

13 Apr 2017, 18:00

1 of 5 servers almost updated

18:00 Thursday 13 April 2017 JST

It looks like I’ve nearly got AB’s server rebuilt with new Ubuntu OS. I just need to put the crontab entries on it, and run it through all the tests. yay.

CB’s two servers are close to being almost updated, but I just have not taken the time to do them. Glad they do not have to have mysql data on them. Just gotta deal with a big disk. oof.

sb’s server is not really close; I have not gotten Redmine sorted, nor the actual main site. boo.

FS’s server is kinda simple, so I hope it will go quickly, but I have not started on it. bah.

13 Apr 2017, 17:57

lunched with Kai

17:57 Thursday 13 April 2017 JST

Had lunch with Kai at CPK in Lazona today. She helped allay my fears about conducting the orchestra in July. Not that I have even applied yet, but I plan to. After I get these servers updated.

13 Apr 2017, 17:48

nin podcast

17:48 Thursday 13 April 2017 JST

I found Underneath It All, a nine inch nails podcast, and as a result signed up for Google Music so I can listen to Hesitation Marks… even though I already bought the album when it first came out… because I haven’t really listened to it, because I have not had a CD player for a long time.

10 Apr 2017, 23:58

CB site

23:58 Monday 10 April 2017 JST

Wow the CB site is sooo much easier to deploy given that it does not have mysql data served from the same server.

10 Apr 2017, 10:11


10:11 Monday 10 April 2017 JST

This past weekend it rained, so SOGO was cancelled. I was kinda glad because I feel behind schedule on getting servers running with Ansible. I’ve abandoned jumping from Ubuntu 12 to Ubutnu 16 this time. I’m focusing on Ubuntu 14 with the hopes that having this groundwork laid (on the groundwork laid by Ansible), the next upgrade will be ready ahead of schedule.

An MKP graduate called me while he’s in town, but I did not end up meeting him because of the rain and overworking myself. moe joe.

06 Apr 2017, 17:20


17:20 Thursday 06 April 2017 JST

work work work tired tired tired but fun talking about science-related topics. Before the lessons started at 2pm I was watching videos on Youtube and like snapped out of a reverie like oh-shit-what-timeisit? and thank goodness I still had ample time to make it to the lesson but dannnng that was spooky. I set an alarm on my phone to alert me 30 minutes beforehand.

20:28 Thursday 06 April 2017 JST

I’m on the train now in Shinjuku. I waited in line 15 minutes before the train was scheduled to leave and just barely got a seat.

There’s an interesting phenomenon for train queues during rush hour. If a train is already at the platform, and the second train will arrive before the first one leaves, passengers line up at each door of the second train at just about 110% capacity of the seats. Other passengers arrive, see there are enough people in line to ensure they will not get a seat, so go to the first train. Or queue up for the third train, on which they will (almost) certainly get a seat.

GG lesson was great tonight. We actually used the book to great effect. And Y was inspired to ask a question. I wonder if the book helped.


Wow I’m tired. Fallin asleep on train. bye!