26 Jun 2017, 11:40

weird last day at CB

11:40 Monday 26 June 2017 JST

It is weird because I have only heard from Nate that today is my last day with CB. I got a message saying “let’s hold off on the server upgrade until July” … but I am done today, as far as I know. It is so weird to not be able to speak directly about stuff.

13:07 Monday 26 June 2017 JST

My contact had forgotten, but they know.

26 Jun 2017, 06:51

theory about emotions

06:51 Monday 26 June 2017 JST

Back in high school I determed that emotions must be important.

Why do they stay available long after the cause is finished? Not like memories or scars which fade with time, but remain somehow somewhere, available until we experience them. I experienced this long after my granddad died and smelled something that reminded me of him. boom crying crying tears even though I only vaguely remembered the thing he gave me.

Like our bodies aparently refresh cells every 6 months or something to keep them viable… is there some mechanism by which emotions are kept viable?

Recently, I noticed another thing. They (who?) say that we end up marrying someone who was like our parents, possibly because we are attracted to the same wounds we had as kids. But why?

Maybe (and this is my theory) maybe we are driven toward people who emotionally wound us in the same way so that we are given more chances to heal the wounds.

If I need to deal with the sadness due to absent parents, I marry someone who is emotionally unavailable.. so I have a chance to deal with that sadness! Isn’t that convenient? It makes me think something like “emotions are self healing”, but it’s not that… “emotions drive us toward behavior that triggers the emotions”

more to come ?

24 Jun 2017, 21:36

Great day in Ikuta park

21:36 Saturday 24 June 2017 JST

Super great to find out there’s neat park so close to our house! I had no idea how big it was, but there is a pavilion, museum, cool sculpture, frisbee field, and more inside the park.

Met Kai in the station and chowed at Ootoya, because we were hungry and not sure when everyone else was going to meet. Shoulda asked because first thing we did in the park was lay out a big spread of food on blue tarp and chow. I brought my camping chair which they called the dad chair.

21 Jun 2017, 23:03

Kai's great presentation

23:03 Wednesday 21 June 2017 JST

I have not yet seen Kai’s great presentation, but I have been assured it was great! Soness coached her, so I know she received compassionate knowledgable wisdom from a speaking pro!

I arrived just as the last speaker finished; I found the room because I heard the applause from outside the door.

Lukas invited me in for the final picture, so we stood together in the back. He actually knew me from having been on TV earlier this year!

I also met his friend Rikako, who asked me about being barefoot, and we thereby me Kiyoka and Daniel, who said they were eavesdropping on our conversation. I told them the whole story about being barefoot in Houston and then being shod here before realizing no one would mind if I were to be barefoot here. I talked about my Pecha Kucha presentation from last year (and got confused on the dates, thinking my TV appearance was this February, but it was actually last February (or so). Anyway, they seemed interested so I told them about and invited them to men’s circle and co-gender circle respectively.

Rikako and Lukas are hosting a gathering this Saturday (near me and Lin’s house!) so I will join them there.

I gave a testimonial for Soness’s coaching; I can still remember the experience of preparing and presenting for Pecha Kucha as if it were a recent event. Kai did a testimonial as well; we could see she was carrying herself with more confidence than before. Apparently her co-workers have recognized this as well. So proud of her!

21 Jun 2017, 18:57

Plan to see Kai at Kawasaki Pecha Kucha tonight

18:57 Wednesday 21 June 2017 JST

Two more lessons tonight and then zoom past Kawasaki station to Rockwest(?) to see Kai after she speaks at Pecha Kucha in Kawasaki. Unfortunately (if my students come), I won’t be able to see her speech. The students always come though, so yeah. Speaking of whom.. gotta work.

21 Jun 2017, 09:25

Summer Solstice

09:25 Wednesday 21 June 2017 JST

The weather is scheduled to be rainy all day on this otherwise fine summer solstice. Longest rainiest day of the year. Happy Birthday, g.

21 Jun 2017, 09:05

morning lesson

09:05 Wednesday 21 June 2017 JST

Just finished teaching and am now seated on a balcony walkway thing overlooking the empty water fountain in middle of Solid Square.

The lesson featured drills on two different patterns. One student was like “I went to shopping” so we practiced variants of that pattern. Another student arrived and started talking about TV so we practiced a pattern like

______ is a _______ about _______ _____-ing ______ ____ __ _ _ _ _

and eventually made a game:

This is a TV show about young adults living together in Hawaii.

Chika got it immediately: “Terrace House”

After 3 rounds, Chika ended up with 3 points vs everyone else having 0 points.

20 Jun 2017, 21:15

Tokyo Men's Circle

last night

(written 09:15 Wednesday 21 June 2017 JST)

Tokyo Men’s Circle had 6 participants including a new man last night. He said he plans to attend the co-gender group next week. We talked about ways to serve the community even more, possibly offering team-building workshops to businesses.

20 Jun 2017, 07:12

Let's improve American engineering

07:12 Tuesday 20 June 2017 JST

First, visit any crowdfunding page for Grenfell Tower

(via http://metro.co.uk/2017/06/14/crowdfunding-page-to-help-the-residents-devastated-by-the-grenfell-tower-fire-6707957/) (archive http://archive.is/5655r)

Second, holy shit what a horrible fire.





01 R Sones Grenfell Tower London in 2009 02 Natalie Oxford Grenfell Tower 03 EYEVINE nintchdbpict000331466766 04 LondonNewsPictures nintchdbpict000331431152 05 LondonNewsPictures nintchdbpict0003314245283 06 Natalie Oxford Grenfell Tower fire wider view 07 Natalie Oxford Grenfell Tower fire morning 08 Frank John Grenfell Tower after fire 09 GettyImages nintchdbpict000331685641-e1497516786787 10 interior



http://archive.is/zsxDN (two days ago)

Third, according to NIST, this tower fell because of fire.

American engineering apparently sucks!

19 Jun 2017, 12:12

things to do

12:12 Monday 19 June 2017 JST

  1. make a to-do list
  2. remember you already have a list
  3. look for the other list

12:22 Monday 19 June 2017 JST

JUST as I got ready to do one thing after waiting for an answer to do a different thing, the answer came back to do the different thing instead of one thing. bah multi-tasking is dumb.