18 Sep 2018, 15:51

super cool Netflix
15:51 Tuesday 18 September 2018 JST

I got an email from Netflix saying they are going to raise prices starting soon. They did not list the options that were available, but had some indication that I could change my plan or cancel if I wanted. I was not logged in to Netflix on my mobile phone so I left the email in my inbox to deal with later.

Sat down to Netflix and chill today and a new dialog box popped up. “Your price will go up to 1200 yen per month” and then two options: Continue or Change Account (or something).

Clicked Change Account and then clicked down to basic (only 1 screen, no HD) for 800 yen per month. Bingo awesome UI and thank you Netflix.

18 Sep 2018, 12:19

morning lessons
12:19 Tuesday 18 September 2018 JST

Good lesson this morning with just two students. We talked about rental おっさん in Japan. Interesting concept of renting old men because they are older and presumably wiser. They? We?

Walked with Tariq from Akabanebashi to Shibashi while we talked about future plans for our swipe game. He found a designer who can create excellent graphics.

Did not end up needing my computer, but I have my rolly bag so no worries.

Rolled to Ginza Line and got back to my station for 411 yen, given that I have a free pass from Shin Yurigaoka to Noborito.

17 Sep 2018, 18:08

Joel (hopefully) fixed MT3 website top banner
18:08 Monday 17 September 2018 JST

I chatted with Joel today after doing a livestream on Facebook about work-life-balance. He tweaked the theme for Marble Track 3 to fix the jumbotron at the top! Super awesome. Going to try it out now.


17 Sep 2018, 12:10

work life balance livestream
12:10 Monday 17 September 2018 JST

Wondering why I feel obligated to work work work.

17 Sep 2018, 08:29

bought eggs during fifteenth walk
08:29 Monday 17 September 2018 JST

Ain’t been walking every day recently, but today Lin and I went to fetch some eggs from a street-side vending boxen machine.

16 Sep 2018, 12:31

SOGO me too
12:31 Monday 16 September 2018 JST

Funny thing at SOGO today. Sakura asked me how long I’ve been in Japan.

15 years.

She goes “Wow, me too, almost.” She is 17 years old. hahaha

14 Sep 2018, 16:12

fixed my site
16:12 Friday 14 September 2018 JST

I broke my upload process, but I think it is fixed now.

Yep. It took 65 seconds to process and upload to my server, but it works.

When trying to get that number down, to a few seconds, I mis-remembered how it was set up and destroyed the public/ directory of my Hugo-controlled site thinking Hugo can rebuild it, but since the Hugo directory is already a Git repo, it was conflating the two, and things got really confuzzed. Including my brain.

I am considering removing dates from the content itself and just keep them in the frontmatter.

What if I make them small like this:

16:19 Friday 14 September 2018 JST

I guess it will be an h5 tag, cause I put five # marks in front.

13 Sep 2018, 07:37

fourteenth walk
07:37 Thursday 13 September 2018 JST

I walked to a new area and found a long, abandoned sidewalk between a school and an apartment complex. Then I found an egg farm!

10 Sep 2018, 21:04

went to Gotanda

We are planning to create a new men’s circle in Gotanda starting sometime soonishly. Hopefully this year or definitely by early next year omg.

五反田で新しい男のグループを始める予定です。今年か絶対来年の頭までに始 めると思います。


08 Sep 2018, 21:36

My Speaking Journey
21:36 Saturday 08 September 2018 JST

I have been taking Soness’s Step On The Red Dot course, part of https://www.yourspeakingjourney.com/

Today was a normal marathon session of getting stuff done, plus lots of witty anecdotes which I hope are helpful for everyone.

I had to bounce out of the Zoom session after 4.3 hours or so and recorded my second Facebook Live video.


Shorter than my first one, yesterday